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Build and Edit

To start, click the DECK EDITOR tab on the game’s bottom navigation bar:

This is the ‘CARD Deck Editor’:

At the top is your CARD POOL, which contains cards you currently have available for deck building. At the top left is the SEARCH field. Use this to find specific cards in your collection.

Mana Color Filter - At the top left near the SEARCH field are mana symbols. Click a symbol to remove or add cards of the selected color from your visible CARD POOL.

Card Type Filter - Below the Mana symbols are the card type symbols. Click a symbol to remove or add cards of the selected card type from your visible CARD POOL.

Lands Creatures Instants
Artifacts Sorceries Enchantments

Set/Block Filter - Located to the right of the mana symbols. Use the drop-down menu to select which sets/blocks are included in your visible CARD POOL.

Click the ‘SHOW ALL VERSIONS’ box, beneath the set/block filter, to show all versions of a card you own.

Select MY CARDS to display only those cards that you own.

Mana Cost Filter – Located to the right of the set/block selector. Filter cards by mana cost by entering a number and selecting a filter tool from the drop-down menu. Then hit the ‘Enter’ key.

Deck Statistics - Next to the MANA COST filter is the STATS button. Click this to view statistics a deck you have loaded. Deck Statistics has 3 options in its drop-down menu:

  • Analysis – shows the proportion of cards in your deck by type, color, & mana cost, as well as the total number of each mana symbol it contains.
  • Format – lists all format types and if the current deck is legal for each one.
  • Probabilities – lists the probability of drawing a particular card type on each turn. Click on a card type symbol to see the odds of drawing one card of that type on turns 1-10. Add to or subtract from the list to check the odds of getting certain card types in combination, and use the OR option to see the odds of getting one or another card type on a given turn.

The RESET button next to the STATS button removes all filters.

Use the Load, New, Save, and Save As buttons to save and edit your decks. When saving decks you have several location options:

  • Net Deck - allows access to a saved deck from any location when you log into Magic Online.
  • Local Deck - save to your hard drive (standard option).
  • Local Text Deck - save your deck as a text file card list.

To toggle your Card Pool view, use the View buttons:

  • Text Format: View as a text list.
  • Full Art Format: View the complete card.
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