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Click the STORE tab at the bottom of the game screen or the SHOP button on the left side of the main screen to begin shopping.

Browse for Intro Packs, Booster Packs, Theme Decks, Event Tickets, and more from the menu on the left, or search for products by expansion using the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Add items to your cart, complete the checkout process and the purchased products will be delivered directly to your Magic Online account.


  • Booster Packs - Each contains 15 randomly assorted cards, including one rare or mythic rare card, three uncommon cards, and either eleven common cards or ten common cards plus one basic land card
  • Theme Decks - Ready-to-play 60-card pre-constructed decks
  • Intro Packs - Ready-to-play 41-card pre-constructed decks that come with a Booster Pack
  • Event Tickets - Used to enter tournaments in Magic Online - check individual event entries for requirements
  • Event Packs - Include the Booster Packs and Event Tickets needed to play in a typical Magic Online event. Each Event Pack description explains its contents and use.
  • Redemption Requests - Convert complete sets of digital cards into equivalent sets of physical cards


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  • PayPal (verified accounts only)
  • Gift Cards (associated with accepted credit card companies and registered with your name and address)
  • Compensation Codes (can be used alone or combined with credit/debit cards)
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