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Find a Game

To find a game in Magic Online - click MENU and select PLAY. Then, select Casual Play followed by one of the following options:

  • New Players – Find a friendly game with other new players and build your Magic Online skills.
  • Casual Decks – Play games against opponents of all skill levels with their own constructed decks.
  • Anything Goes – Experiment, tinker, or just plain break the rules of deckbuilding.
  • Tournament Practice – Practice for and learn the rules of tournament play.
  • Multiplayer – Take on multiple opponents.
  • Casual Drafts – Practice card-drafting with other players, and then play with the decks you've built.

Start a Game

To start a game, click JOIN to join an existing game waiting for players or click NEW GAME to create your own.

JOIN - To join a pre-existing game, choose the deck you wish to play with. Select deck location and filter, and then pick the deck you wish to use and click LOAD to begin.

NEW GAME - To create a new game, select the new game options from the following:

  • Type - Select deck type and format
  • Play Structure - Select how many players and how they compete
  • Match Structure - Select how many games earn a match win
  • Event Timer - Select how long you wish to play
  • Deck - Choose a deck from your preconstructed decks
  • Comment - State your game preferences
  • Allow Starting Handicaps - Select to enable handicaps when playing opponents of different skill levels
  • Allow Watchers - Select to permit spectators to watch
  • Only Buddies Can Join - Select to only play against players on your buddy list

Play a Game

Game Screen:

  • The center of the game screen is occupied by the battlefield. All cards on the battlefield are displayed here.
  • Cards in you hand are located beneath the battlefield, move the cursor over a card for a larger image.
  • To the left of the battlefield are current player stats, including life total, number of cards in the library, cards in hand, cards in the graveyard and mana pool.
  • On the left side of the screen are the Turn phases, with the current phase highlighted.
  • On the right side of the battlefield, are the progress window and chat bar.

As soon as the game screen is visible you may begin play.

  • In order to play a card in your hand, first pay its mana cost. To pay a card’s mana cost, click on the appropriate land(s) in play on the battlefield.
  • Click a card in your hand to play it.
    • Cards with green highlighted names are currently playable or permit an action to be taken.
    • Cards with blue highlighted names have multiple possible actions that can be taken.
    • Right-click a card for options.
    • Right-click empty space on the battlefield to change settings, undo the last action, remove auto yields, concede the game or get help.
  • During combat, select attackers or blockers by clicking on their cards. You will be also prompted to play other cards or activate abilities if the appropriate stops are set.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Middle click or left+right click while cursor is over a card - Zoom in on card
  • / - Toggle transparent chat box on/off
  • F2 – OK (identical to clicking the OK button when prompted)
  • F3 – Remove all auto-yields and cancel F4/F6/F8 activation
  • F4 – Until the end of the turn, pass priority as long as no cards or abilities go on the stack (Effectively, you are passing as long as nothing happens. This function can be turned off with the F3 key.)
  • F5 – Briefly look at face-down permanents you control.
  • F6 – Until the end of the turn, pass priority regardless of what is played, cast, or activated, though you are still asked to make choices if appropriate (This function can be turned off with the F3 key.)
  • F7 – For the rest of the game, automatically place identical triggered abilities on the stack if they do not have targets (For example, if you have two Phyrexian Arenas on the battlefield, at the beginning of your upkeep, both abilities will automatically go on the stack without you having to choose an order for them.)
  • F8 – For the rest of the game, pass priority unless there is a card you can play or ability you can activate (Note that using this function effectively means you cannot bluff, as it is apparent to your opponents when you have no available options, even if you have cards in hand. This function can be turned off with the F3 key.)
  • F9 or ALT-Y – Yes (identical to clicking the YES button when prompted)
  • F10 or ALT-N – No (identical to clicking the NO button when prompted)
  • ALT-U or CTRL-Z – Undo the last action, though this command can only undo a mana ability if no other ability has triggered since it was activated
  • Holding down the CTRL key when casting spells or activating abilities – Maintain your priority so you may respond to your own spells and abilities.
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