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Chat with other players in a Community or Play section of Magic Online.


Chat with official Magic Online staff known as ORCs and get your questions answered quickly. Click the MENU button at the bottom of the screen, and then select Help -- Chat with Support.


Each clan has a private chat room for its members. Click "My Clan" in the Dock Navigational Panel to find your clan's chat room.


Magic Online has a vibrant community that often creates unofficial chat rooms. Try typing "/join auction" for auction-style trading of cards and other digital objects, or "/join bbs" for the home of Magic Online regulars. Ask around to find more - new ones are always popping up!

Create New

Create a private room for you and your buddies by typing "/join [room name]" substituting the name of your choice for [room name].

Private Messages

Communicate privately with other players. There are three ways to do this:

  • Type "/join [player name]" - this is the same as opening a new chat room
  • Double-click the player's name while in the same room or on your buddy list
  • Right-click the player's name while in the same room and select Private Message


  • Adjust chat window font size and background color by clicking the icons in the upper left-hand corner


There are two ways to insert Magic and other symbols into your chats.

  • Basic symbols - Type [Ctrl-Q] followed by the following characters to generate the associated symbol
    • w = {W}
    • u = {U}
    • b = {B}
    • r = {R}
    • g = {G}
    • p = {S}
    • the digits 0-9 = {0}-{9}
    • a = {10}
    • c = {12}
    • E = {14}
    • l = {16}
    • SHIFT-1 = {w/b}
    • SHIFT-2 = {r/w}
    • SHIFT-3 = {u/r}
    • SHIFT-4 = {u/b}
    • SHIFT-5 = {b/g}
    • SHIFT-6 = {g/w}
    • SHIFT-7 = {w/u}
    • SHIFT-8 = {r/g}
    • SHIFT-9 = {w/b}
    • SHIFT-0 = {b/r}
    • t = {T}
    • s = {smiley face}
    • f = {frowny face}
    • y = {yucky face}
    • m = {muted icon}
    • I = {ORC “eye”}
    • i = {WotC logo}
    • L = {Leaping Lizards logo}
    • h = {hat}
    • e = {trophy}
    • n = {pig}
  • Mana Symbols - You can also type the following text (including the brackets) to post the associated symbols:
    • [sW] = {W}
    • [sU] = {U}
    • [sR] = {R}
    • [sB] = {B}
    • [sG] = {G}
    • [sP] = {S}
    • [s0] – [s9] = {0} – {9}
    • [sa] = {10}
    • [sc] = {12}
    • [se] = {14}
  • Expansion Symbols - [sSET XXX Y] will produce the corresponding expansion symbol, where XXX is the expansion code and Y is the rarity. For example [sSET RAV R] will produce a Ravnica rare expansion symbol.
  • Card Type Symbols - The Collection and Deck Editor sections feature buttons with symbols that correspond to the various card types. These symbols were first seen in the Future Sight expansion in the “timeshifted” cards that explored possible futures for the Magic game.
    • [sSpellL] = Land symbol
    • [sSpellA] = Artifact symbol
    • [sSpellC] = Creature symbol
    • [sSpellS] = Sorcery symbol
    • [sSpellI] = Instant symbol
    • [sSpellE] = Enchantment symbol
  • Other Symbols
    • [sBooster] = booster pack symbol
    • [sAdept] = ORC “eye” icon
    • [sPig] = pig
    • [sClan] = clan symbol
    • [sS] = smiley face
    • [sF] = frowny face
    • [sY] = yucky face
    • [sMute] = muted icon
    • [sE] = trophy
    • [sWiz] = WotC logo
    • [sZ] = away icon (“zzzz”)
    • [sV] = down arrow
    • [sT] = tap symbol
    • [sQ] = untap symbol
    • [sPB B] = black paintbrush (used in artist credits)
    • [sPB W] = white paintbrush (used in artist credits)
    • [sCLONE] = copy symbol
    • [sDECK] = deck symbol
    • [sFOLDER] = folder symbol
    • [sGY] = tombstone symbol

Chat Commands

Within the chat window, you can use the backslash character (/) to precede command words that can make chatting much simpler. Chat commands include:

  • /clear – Erases all chat in the open window
  • /goto [player name] – If the player you name is logged in and in a game room, you will be brought to that same room.
  • /info [player name] – Will open the chosen player’s information window. This is the same as right-clicking on a player and selecting Information.
  • /away [optional text] – Will mark you as being away from the keyboard. If you include a message, it will be displayed to the room and to anyone who tries to send you a private message. Typing /away while marked as away will inform the room that you have returned.
  • /me [text] – Will include the text you type as an action. This text will appear in a slightly different color than normal chat.
  • /join [room name] – Will enter the private chat room named 'room name.' If this room does not already exist, it will be created.
  • /addbuddy [name] – Adds the chosen player to your Buddies list.
  • /eject [name] – While in a multiplayer game, this commands ejects another player from the game. If a majority of players use this command on a single player, that player will be forced to concede. In multiplayer formats that use teams, at least one vote must be from a member of the player’s team.
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