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Making an Item Tradable

To mark items as tradable, click the COLLECTION tab on the game’s bottom navigation bar:

Select an item and adjust the ‘FOR TRADE’ value to reflect the quantity to be made available for trade.


  • Right-click an item for tradability options.

  • Right-click in a non-item area for global tradability options.

Initiating a Trade

Initiate trade by right-clicking on a player and then clicking ‘TRADE’ in the pop-up menu. (For trading etiquette, consult the Code of Conduct.)

The selected player will receive a pop-up trade request.

Once a trade request is accepted, items available for trade become viewable.

Clicking on an item adds it to the trade box. The trade box shows the item or items each player has selected to trade.

Completing a Trade

If the proposed trade is acceptable, click the Confirm Trade button.

The trade is now locked, and a trade confirmation screen appears. If satisfied click 'Confirm Trade’ to complete the transaction.

A pop-up screen will appear listing the cards that you received.

Click OK and you're done.


If you are looking for specific cards, you can click CLASSIFIEDS on the program’s bottom navigation bar. Here you will find an entire community of players looking for trades. Use the Search box at the top to quickly search the listings for specific cards.

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