Great Britain and Ireland
September 15 & 16, 2007

Junior Series Challenge Fact Sheet

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Updated 2007-08-10

Each Junior Series Challenge tournaments will be open to players aged 16 years and younger.

The 2007 Junior Series Challenge tournaments will be held on September 15th & 16th, 2007. The Junior Series Challenge tournaments give invites to the Junior Series Finals in Birmingham on October 21st, 2007.

Entry Fee

Entry fees vary from location to location. Check with the Tournament Organiser for specific information.

Tournament Locations

Tournament Structure

The structure for the Junior Series Challenge tournaments are modified Swiss.

Tournament Format

The format for Junior Series Challenge tournaments is Standard (Type II) Constructed. Tournaments will be run according to the latest DCITM Universal Tournament Rules, Penalty Guidelines, and all DCITM rules pertaining to Magic: the Gathering®.

Invitations and Eligibility

Players that do not possess Amateur status, or are age 17 or older, are prohibited from competing in Junior Series Challenges. Players may be asked to verify their age at the tournament site, and must provide age-confirming identification materials if requested.

Each Junior Series Challenge will give Junior Series Finals invitations to the top 8 finishers. Prizes and invitations will be awarded on Swiss standings only


  • All players receive a Premium Card alternate art card while supplies last.
  • The first through eighth place finishers each receive a different Premium Card alternate art card.
  • Additional packs of Magic: The Gathering® boosters to top players, (as determined by your local Junior Series Challenge Tournament Organizer).

Registration Information

  • Contact the Tournament Organiser for location and registration information about any particular Junior Series Challenge.
  • Players who have general questions about the Junior Series Challenge or the Junior Series Final should contact Wizards of the Coast customer service at 08457 125 559, or send us email to

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