Magic: the Gathering Junior Series
2007 Junior Series

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2007 European Junior Series

Fact sheet

The 2007 European Junior Series are open to all amateur players age 16 and younger at the day of the event.
The The 2007 European Junior Series are divided into 2 seasons, each with their specific promo card:

  • Season 1: April 1 - June 30, 2007 - Soltari Priest
  • Season 2: July 1 - September 30, 2007 - Whirling Dervish
  • Both seasons give invitations to the Junior Series Finals which takes place September - October.

    When you win an invitation to the Finals, you are still able to participate in any other Super Series events. Invitations do not pass down.

    Entry Fee

    Suggested Entry fee is 5€ for all participants

    Tournament structure

    The structure for the 2007 European Junior Series is modified Swiss (without top 8 playoff)

    Tournament Format

    The format for the 2007 European Junior Series is Standard Constructed. Tournaments will be run according to the latest DCITM Universal Tournament Rules, Penalty Guidelines, and all DCITM rules pertaining to Magic: The Gathering®.

    Invitations and Eligibility

    Players who are not amateurs, or are age 17 or older, are prohibited from competing in Junior Series events. Players may be asked to verify their age at the tournament site, and must provide age-confirming identification materials if requested.

    When a player receives an invitiation to the Finals, that player can still participate in any other Super Series events! Invitations do not pass down.


  • All participants receive a premium foil card exclusive to the 2007 European Junior Series of the current season. (while supplies last)
  • The top 4 of each Junior Series is invited to that country's Junior Finals, regardless if they are already qualified or not.
  • The winner of each 2007 Junior Series receives a 1-round bye at the Finals. These do not add up to multiple round byes.
  • Booster of the most current Magic expansion are awarded as follows: 1 booster per player
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