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Welcome to this new page, dedicated to you, the Magic community in Europe!

Why is it called Olivier’s corner? It’s probably not necessary to introduce Olivier Ruel, a well known Pro Player you might have bumped into as he seems to be everywhere Magic is being played.

On this page, Olivier will share with you impressions, thoughts, strategies from a variety of players – it’ll be the opportunity for you to discover the player’s community from another angle.

You’ll hear about known and also less known players – how they prepare for an event, their travel stories, their tips & much more.

As a start, we’ll guide you onto the road to Pro Tour Prague, to follow several players who will attend the event, with or without a qualification in their pocket. Look forward to similar pages for GPs (Torino as an example) or Worlds in Paris!

We therefore wanted to share with you a video (right click-save as) done during GP Lille (December ’05) and where we interviewed a number of players to get some insight on what Magic means to them, why they enjoy playing the game… If you’ve never attended a GP before, it’ll give you a pretty good picture of the diversity of players you’ll have the chance to meet and greet with. Yes, this is also what a GP is about, but the best persons to talk about this are the players, so just have a look!

Also, we really value your opinion and ideas – since the beginning of the year, you’ll find at each GP an idea box where you can share any feedback you have At GP Hasselt, Dara Butler came up with very good & pertinent ideas and we were very happy to send him a Magic body warmer as a reward for his contribution. Thanks again Dara for the good stuff!

Interested in a certain topic? Want to read about a player? Comments, reactions or suggestions? Just send us an email at magiceurope@hasbro.be

More to come soon!

And a special thanks to Raphaël Lévy, who very unintentionally contributed to the creation of this web page (‘à l’insu de son plein gré’, as we say in French).

Marketing team – WotC Europe
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