Grand Prix Athens Side Events

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The hall is open to the public from 8 AM to 11PM on Saturday and Sunday.
All events are open to the public and are sanctioned unless otherwise noted.

Besides the scheduled events 8 player single elimination events can be played all day in the following formats: Booster Draft, Standard, Block Constructed, Sealed deck Extended, 2HG, Legacy and Vintage.

Participation cost for contructed events is set at 3 €, for drafts: 12 € and for sealed decks: 20 € unless mentioned otherwise.

Product for limited format events will be available in English, Asian and Russian languages.

Registration for scheduled events starts 1 hour prior to the listed start time, and ends 15 minutes prior to the listed start time

Gunslinging: Play against the Pro's !

Play on Saturday and Sunday as of noon in the designated Gunslinging area against level 3's and up. Play and get a booster. Defeat every pro player and win a free souvenir t-shirt.

Sunday – October 15th

Time Cost Event Title
10:00 20 € Grand Prix Trial first '07 GP – (Limited Sealed Time spiral Block)
    Swiss round tournament.
    1 Time Spiral Tournament Pack + 2 Time Spiral Boosters
    Prize : 3 byes for winner and runner-up
    1 booster per registered player.
11:00 3 € Junior Series Tournament (Standard Constructed Format)
    For players under 16 years.
    Swiss tournament with cut to top-8 single-elimination
    Prize : The winner receives an invitation to the Greece junior finals.
    Additional prize : Artist prints for the winner and runner up.
12:00 3 € Legacy Tournament (Legacy Constructed Format)
    Swiss tournament with cut to top-8 single-elimination
    Prize : Artist prints for the winner and runner up
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