Pro Tour Prague Qualifier
8 and 9 April 2006

Grand Prix - Barcelona

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The Magic: The Gathering® Grand Prix tournament series is an international circuit of large-scale Qualifier tournaments featuring cash prizes and multiple invitations to Pro TourTM events.

Win a trip to Grand Prix Torino
...and many other Magic prizes!
At Grand Prix Barcelona fill out the voucher* that you'll find at the registration desk and deposit it in the designated box Saturday, April 8th before 5 pm. A draw will be held on Saturday, April 8th - at 6pm.

  • 1st prize: Trip to the next Grand prix
    • Plane ticket to and from the GP
    • 3 hotel nights (breakfast included)
    • 1 free side event per day (2 in total)
  • 2nd - 20th prize: A Grand Prix Sweater.
  • 21st - 40th prize: Free side event voucher (to be used at any European GP in 2006)

* Only 1 entry per player.


There is no pre-registration necessary for this event because it is open for everyone to enter.

Tournament Format And Schedule

The format for Grand Prix–Barcelona is Limited(Sealed deck with boosterdraft finals. All DCITM Limited-format rules, Magic Floor Rules, and all subsequent updates will be enforced.

Friday, April 7th: Registration from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.
Saturday, April 8th: Registration from 8:00 - 9:00 A.M.
Tournament begins at 10:00 A.M. The Top 64 (or 128) players advance to competition on Sunday
Sunday, April 9th: The Top 64 (or 128) players begin play at 8:00 A.M.

Tournament Location

Fira de Barcelona (Pavillion Number 2)
Avda. Reina Ma Cristina s/n (Venue entry by C/ LLeida)
+34 902 233 200
Site Map

Participation Fee

€ 30


The main tournament at Grand Prix–Barcelona is open to Magic players of all ages.

  • Tournament Structure
    The structure for Grand Prix–Barcelona will be modified Swiss-style (50-minute rounds), with the Top 64 players (or 128 if 800 or more players registered for the main event) advancing to the second day of competition for prizes and invitations. The top 16 Players will receive invitations to the 2nd Pro Tour in 2006
  • Tournament Divisions and Prizes
    Grand Prix–Barcelona will feature the standard “main-tournament” prize schedule as well as a special “Amateur" prize schedule. The Amateur prizes will be paid to the highest-finishing amateur players in addition to any winnings those players receive from the main tournament prize schedule. All prizes are in U.S. Dollars.

    Main Tournament Prize Schedule
    Total: $17,500
    Amateur Division Prize Schedule
    Total: $7,500

  • Amateur Status
    A player is considered to have amateur status if he or she has 0 lifetime pro points. If a player has ever been awarded ANY pro points from a Grand Prix, Pro Tour, or World Championship event, that player no longer has amateur status, may not participate in the Amateur Championship or Junior Super Series tournaments, and is not eligible for amateur awards at Grand Prix or other tournaments.
  • Tournament Byes (Byes are not cumulative throughout the season or year)
    Byes will be given to players in the Grand Prix based on the following criteria:
    Third-Round Byes
    • Players with a Players Club level of 3 or higher
    • DCI players with a Limited rating of 2025 or higher. Byes do not pass down under any circumstances. Byes are based on DCI Limited ratings published on February 8, 2006.
    Second-Round Byes
    • Players with a Players Club level of 2
    • DCI players with a Limited rating of 1925 or higher. Byes do not pass down under any circumstances. Byes are based on DCI Limited ratings published on February 8, 2006.
    First-Round Byes
    • Players with a Players Club level of 1
    • DCI players with a Limited rating of 1850 or higher. Byes do not pass down under any circumstances. Byes are based on DCI Limited ratings published on February 8, 2006.


Randy Gallegos
John Avon

Side Events

Ongoing 8 player tournaments as of Saturday afternoon in the following formats: Drafts (Exotic Languages !), Standard, Extended; Block constructed, Sealed deck.
and in addition to this:

Junior Tournament:
standard format
3 euros entrance fee
starts at 10 am sunday 9
only under 16 years old allowed to play
BIG prize: winner and parent win trip & lodging to PT Prague

Legacy Tournament
legacy format
3 euros entrance fee
starts at 10 am sunday 9
everyone allowed to play

2 HG Standard Tournament
2 HG constructed format
5 euros team entrance fee
starts at 12 pm sunday 9
everyone allowed to play

Do note that the Unified Deck Construction Rule applies.

What are the Unified Deck Construction Rules?
With the exception of basic land cards, a team’s combined decks may not contain more than four of any individual card, counted by its English card title.

Example: if one player is using four copies of the card Naturalize in a Two-Headed Giant Constructed event, no other player on that team may have a Naturalize in his or her deck.

There will be high level players / Wizards Employees gunslinging against anyone who is up to it on Saturday and Sunday

Player Accommodations

NOTE: The following hotels are not endorsed by or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. The hotels on this list are taken from guidebooks and provided here for your convenience only.

Find your hotels here

Arriving by air

Barcelona International Airport


"Espanya" Station (L1 and L3)
official site


Lines 9, 13, 27, 30, 37, 50, 56, 57, 65, 79, 91, 106, 109, 153, 157, 165 - "Pza. España" Stop.

By car

Michelin website

Other transports

Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) - "Pza. España" Station.
Train: "Sants Estació" Station, 15 minutes on foot.

Things to see/do:
Tourist Guide

Restaurants and bars in Barcelona:

Barcelona Tapaz

other information can also be found on the local distributor webpage

For more information contact
Tel: +32 70/233.277

Worlds 2006

We also want your feedback, suggestions but most of all we would like to know how you are preparing for the event. We will post everything on our brand new Player Forum so you can also see how other Magic players are doing. So e-mail us at:

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