Grand Prix Brisbane Artist - Jeff Miracola

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Jeff Miracola
Card Name Card Set
Necra Disciple Apocalypse
Symbiosis Battle Royale Box Set
Raging Goblin Beatdown Box Set
Segmented Wurm Beatdown Box Set
Underground River Classic Sixth Edition
Marble Diamond Classic Sixth Edition
Sulfurous Springs Classic Sixth Edition
Ageless Entity Darksteel
Well of Lost Dreams Darksteel
Nausea Exodus
Equilibrium Exodus
Whiptongue Frog Exodus
Furnace Brood Exodus
Fade Away Exodus
Scavenger Folk Fifth Edition
Binding Grasp Fifth Edition
Mountain Invasion
Crystal Spray Invasion
Sterling Grove Invasion
Saprazzan Raider Mercadian Masques
Pious Warrior Mercadian Masques
Unnatural Hunger Mercadian Masques
Fountain Watch Mercadian Masques
Buoyancy Mercadian Masques
Fresh Volunteers Mercadian Masques
Thrashing Wumpus Mercadian Masques
Rocky Tar Pit Mirage
Misers’ Cage Mirage
Floodgate Mirage
Soul Rend Mirage
Sivvi’s Valor Nemesis
Off Balance Nemesis
Flowstone Wall Nemesis
Thoughtbound Primoc Onslaught
Deep Wood Portal Second Age
Flowering Field Prophecy
Furnace Spirit Stronghold
Shaman en-Kor Stronghold
Elven Rite Stronghold
Horn of Greed Stronghold
Acidic Sliver Stronghold
Skyshroud Elf Tempest
Fevered Convulsions Tempest
Propaganda Tempest
Overrun Tempest
Power Sink Tempest
Precognition Tempest
Mindwhip Sliver Tempest
Auratog Tempest
Mongrel Pack Tempest
Donate Urza’s Destiny
Fatigue Urza’s Destiny
Bubbling Beebles Urza’s Destiny
Bouncing Beebles Urza’s Legacy
Frantic Search Urza’s Legacy
Fog of Gnats Urza’s Legacy
Opal Archangel Urza’s Saga
Absolute Grace Urza’s Saga
Pendrell Drake Urza’s Saga
Wizard Mentor Urza’s Saga
Honorable Passage Visions
Wake of Vultures Visions
Righteous Aura Visions
Knight of Valor Visions
Fire Whip Weatherlight
Firestorm Weatherlight
Familiar Ground Weatherlight

Jeff Miracola began his career as a professional illustrator in 1993, at the age of 22, after showing his portfolio during a trip to the GenCon gaming convention. One of the first companies to give Jeff work was Wizards of the Coast, Inc. for the role-playing game Everway. Jeff has since worked with FASA Corporation, Steve Jackson Games, Crave Entertainment, Mayfair Games, TSR, Inc., Hasbro, Inc, and Paizo Publishing. He has created hundreds of paintings for books, magazines, newspapers, video games and trading card games. His artwork appears on over 75 current Magic: The Gathering cards and can also be found in upcoming sets. Jeff lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife and three children.

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