Grand Prix Hong Kong Artist: Ben Thompson

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Ben's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Bottle Gnomes Mirrodin
Farsight Mask Mirrodin
March of the Machines Mirrodin
Mindstorm Crown Mirrodin
Myr Adapter Mirrodin
Thirst for Knowledge Mirrodin
Master Decoy 8th Edition
Razorfoot Griffin 8th Edition
Slay 8th Edition
Volcanic Hammer 8th Edition
Edgewalker Scourge
Long-Term Plans Scourge
Parallel Thoughts Scourge
Blood Celebrant Legions
Daru Mender Legions
Mistform Sliver Legions
Whipgrass Entangler Legions
Infest Onslaught
Patriarch's Bidding Onslaught
Starlit Sanctum Onslaught
Defy Gravity Judgement
Flash of Insight Judgement
Lost in Thought Judgement
Swelter Judgement
Chainer's Edict Torment
Plagiarize Torment
Cabal Shrine Odyssey
Halberdier Odyssey
Hallowed Healer Odyssey
Island Odyssey
Tattoo Ward Odyssey
Captain’s Maneuver Apocalypse
Dega Sanctuary Apocalypse
Llanowar Dead Apocalypse
Goblin Digging Team 7th Edition
Orcish Oriflamme 7th Edition
Volcanic Hammer 7th Edition
Noxious Vapors Planeshift
Pollen Remedy Planeshift
Slay Planeshift
Assault/Battery Invasion
Overabundance Invasion
Plains Invasion
Razorfoot Griffin Invasion
Wax/Wane Invasion
Latulla’s Orders Prophecy
Samite Sanctuary Prophecy
Flame Rift Nemesis
Flowstone Crusher Nemesis
Dust Bowl Mercadian Masques
Hired Giant Mercadian Masques
Stone Rain Mercadian Masques

Ben Thompson, a graduate of the Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach, first bean working for Wizards of the Coast while still a senior in college. He has since illustrated many cards of Magic: The Gathering beginning with the Mercadian Masques expansion. Other art credits include the cover for the Forgotten Realms game accessory Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate II and interior illustrations for the Alternity game accessory Alien Compendium II: The Exploration of 2503. Ben is also a part-time instructor at Mt. San Antonio College and Cal State Long Beach, teaching figure drawing and advanced illustration courses. He currently lives in Anaheim, California with his wife and bonsai tree (unfortunately no dog at the moment).

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