Grand Prix Kyoto Artist: Carl Critchlow

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Carl's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Death Mutation Apocalypse
Phyrexian Gargantua Apocalypse
Minotaur Tactician Apocalypse
Orim’s Thunder Apocalypse
Gerrard’s Verdict Apocalypse
Clockwork Beast Beatdown
Packaging #2 Sixth Edition
Tower Drake Invasion
Shimmering Wings Invasion
Breaking Wave Invasion
Fertile Ground Invasion
Rith, the Awakener Invasion
Tsabo’s Web Invasion
Dromar’s Attendant Invasion
Harsh Judgment Invasion
Balthor the Defiled Judgment
Sutured Ghoul Judgment
Funeral Pyre Judgment
Chastise Judgment
Phantom Centaur Judgment
Feral Throwback Legions
Kilnmouth Dragon Legions
Drinker of Sorrow Legions
Brontotherium Legions
Krosan Vorine Legions
Scent of Cinder Duelist Promo Card
Blockade Runner Mercadian Masques
Cateran Persuader Mercadian Masques
Kyren Sniper Mercadian Masques
Cateran Slaver Mercadian Masques
Haunted Crossroads Mercadian Masques
Foster Mercadian Masques
Renounce Mercadian Masques
Cateran Kidnappers Mercadian Masques
Boa Constrictor Mercadian Masques
Snake Pit Mercadian Masques
Monkey Cage Mercadian Masques
High Market Mercadian Masques
Bog Imp Seventh Edition
Raise Dead Seventh Edition
Razortooth Rats Seventh Edition
Gorilla Chieftain Seventh Edition
Spined Wurm Seventh Edition
Northern Paladin Seventh Edition
Wall of Wonder Seventh Edition
Crimson Hellkite Seventh Edition
Nightmare Seventh Edition
Kjeldoran Royal Guard Seventh Edition
Goblin Settler Starter 1999 Edition
Squall Starter 1999 Edition
Pride of Lions Starter 1999 Edition
Royal Falcon Starter 1999 Edition
Cloudskate Nemesis
Skyshroud Ridgeback Nemesis
Saproling Burst Nemesis
Parallax Tide Nemesis
Rhox Nemesis
Tireless Tribe Odyssey
Werebear Odyssey
Call of the Herd Odyssey
Ray of Distortion Odyssey
Innocent Blood Odyssey
Squirrel Mob Odyssey
Overrun Odyssey
Twigwalker Odyssey
Magnivore Odyssey
Treetop Sentinel Odyssey
Daunting Defender Onslaught
Chain of Vapor Onslaught
Clone Onslaught
Grand Coliseum Onslaught
Mobilization Onslaught
Silvos, Rogue Elemental Onslaught
Smother Onslaught
Lay Waste Onslaught
Choking Tethers Onslaught
Nantuko Husk Onslaught
Insolence Planeshift
Barbed Field Prophecy
Wild Might Prophecy
Squirrel Wrangler Prophecy
Soul Scourge Torment
Flash of Defiance Torment
Radiate Torment
Ravenous Rats Urza’s Destiny
Trumpet Blast Urza’s Destiny
Momentum Urza’s Destiny
Phyrexian Monitor Urza’s Destiny
Defender of Law Urza’s Legacy
Expendable Troops Urza’s Legacy
Treacherous Link Urza’s Legacy
Defender of Chaos Urza’s Legacy
Exhume Urza’s Saga
Wildfire Urza’s Saga
Bog Raiders Urza’s Saga
Vile Requiem Urza’s Saga
Drifting Djinn Urza’s Saga
Unworthy Dead Urza’s Saga
Eastern Paladin Urza’s Saga
Western Paladin Urza’s Saga
Discordant Dirge Urza’s Saga
No Rest for the Wicked Urza’s Saga
Goblin Offensive Urza’s Saga
Gallowbraid Weatherlight
Morinfen Weatherlight

Carl CritchlowCarl Critchlow is a child of the 60s from the United Kingdom. He has a long history of illustrating in the comics industry. He wrote and drew the monthly Thrud the Barbarian comic strip for Games Workshop's White DwarfMagazine; painted comic strips and covers for Fleetway Publications 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine including the Son of Mean Machine. He worked on the Batman/Judge Dredd graphic novel The Ultimate Riddle for DC/Fleetway; and was a penciller for the Lobo monthly comic, did pencils for the Batman/Scarecrow 3D, and was a regular cover illustrator for the Batman monthly comic Shadow of the Bat, all for DC Comics. Carl has done illustration for Games Workshop, Pygnosis, Ocean Software, Marvel UK and Mayfair Games as well as the Joker trading cards for the Fleer/Skybox Batman Master Series. His association with Wizards of the Coast began in 1997 with the Weatherlight expansion for Magic: The Gathering and his work has been in every expansion since that time. He has done packaging illustrations for Magic, illustrations for Duelist, Dragon and Dungeon magazines and the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. In 1999, Carl won Third Prize in the International Fantasy Painting Competition organized by The Alexander Gallery, New York. You can find him on the web at

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