Grand Prix Yokohama Artist: Matthew Wilson and Ron Spencer

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Matthew Wilson | Ron Spencer

 Matthew Wilson

Matthew's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Coastal Piracy Eighth Edition
Fallen Angel Eighth Edition
Phyrexian Hulk Eighth Edition
Revive Eighth Edition
Seasoned Marshal Eighth Edition
Spineless Thug Eighth Edition
Telepathy Eighth Edition
Yavimaya Enchantress Eighth Edition
Knight Errant Seventh Edition
Serra Advocate Seventh Edition
Day of the Dragons Scourge
Dragon Mage Scourge
Karona, False God Scourge
Soul Collector Scourge
Vile Deacon Legions
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa Onslaught
Pacifism Onslaught
Breaking Point Judgment
Masked Gorgon Judgment
Silver Seraph Judgment
Obsidian Acolyte Invasion
Reya Dawnbringer Invasion
Spirit Weaver Invasion
Urza's Rage Invasion
Wash Out Invasion
Jolrael, Empress of Beasts Prophecy
Steal Strength Prophecy
Daze Nemesis
Spineless Thug Nemesis
Ballista Squad Mercadian Masques
Coastal Piracy Mercadian Masques
Crag Saurian Mercadian Masques
Kris Mage Mercadian Masques
Ramosian Captain Mercadian Masques
Revive Mercadian Masques
Disease Carriers Urza's Destiny
Rayne, Academy Chancellor Urza's Destiny
Tethered Griffin Urza's Destiny
Treachery Urza's Destiny
Yavimaya Enchantress Urza's Destiny
Palinchron Urza's Legacy
Disciple of Law Urza's Saga
Herald of Serra Urza's Saga
Purging Scythe Urza's Saga
Seasoned Marshal Urza's Saga
Telepathy Urza's Saga
Exalted Dragon Exodus
Keeper of the Mind Exodus
Dream Halls Stronghold
Heat of Battle Stronghold
Rabid Rats Stronghold
Stronghold Assassin Stronghold
Temper Stronghold
Avenging Angel Tempest
Dauthi Mercenary Tempest
Kezzerdrix Tempest
Phyrexian Hulk Tempest
Selenia, Dark Angel Tempest
Skyshroud Troll Tempest
Soltari Lancer Tempest
Dakmor Sorceress Portal 2
Miss Demeanor Unglued
Sex Appeal Unglued

Matthew WilsonMatt Wilson has been illustrating for the game industry for nearly six years. He has art directed and illustrated for Magic: the Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings, as well as created artwork for a plethora of other games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, Shadowrun, Battletech, and Vor: the Maelstrom. He resides in Seattle with his lovely wife Sherry, loyal dog Argus, and two cranky cats who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

 Ron Spencer

Ron's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Ensnaring Bridge Eighth Edition
Guerrilla Tactics Eighth Edition
Hammer of Bogardan Eighth Edition
Maggot Carrier Eighth Edition
Mana Clash Eighth Edition
Monstrous Growth Eighth Edition
Norwood Ranger Eighth Edition
Serpent Warrior Eighth Edition
Unsummon Eighth Edition
Bedlam Seventh Edition
Ensnaring Bridge Seventh Edition
Lightning Blast Seventh Edition
Monstrous Growth Seventh Edition
Soul Net Seventh Edition
Unsummon Seventh Edition
Wall of Fire Seventh Edition
Wildfire Seventh Edition
AEther Flash Sixth Edition
Bog Imp Sixth Edition
Bog Rats Sixth Edition
Hammer of Bogardan Sixth Edition
Heavy Ballista Sixth Edition
Sibilant Spirit Sixth Edition
Terror Sixth Edition
Bog Imp Fifth Edition
Bog Rats Fifth Edition
Instill Energy Fifth Edition
Lifeforce Fifth Edition
Marsh Viper Fifth Edition
Necrite Fifth Edition
Paralyze Fifth Edition
Sibilant Spirit Fifth Edition
Terror Fifth Edition
Thrull Retainer Fifth Edition
Bog Imp Fourth Edition
Marsh Viper Fourth Edition
Terror Fourth Edition
Word of Binding Fourth Edition
Terror Alpha-Beta-Unlimited
Dragonstalker Scourge
Metamorphose Scourge
Mind's Desire Scourge
Reaping the Graves Scourge
Chromeshell Crab Legions
Crookclaw Elder Legions
Goblin Dynamo Legions
Unstable Hulk Legions
Ascending Aven Onslaught
Blatent Thievery Onslaught
Chain of Acid Onslaught
Commando Raid Onslaught
Goblin Sledder Onslaught
Menacing Ogre Onslaught
Quicksilver Dragon Onslaught
Reckless One Onslaught
Venomspout Brackus Onslaught
Whipcorder Onslaught
Cabal Therapy Judgment
Planar Chaos Judgment
Venomous Vines Judgment
Boneshard Slasher Torment
False Memories Torment
Liquify Torment
Burning Sands Odyssey
Firebolt Odyssey
Flame Burst Odyssey
Ivy Elemental Odyssey
Mad Dog Odyssey
New Frontiers Odyssey
Soulcatcher Odyssey
Sungrass Prairie Odyssey
Whipkeeper Odyssey
AEther Mutation Apocalypse
Bloodfire Dwarf Apocalypse
Degavolver Apocalypse
Last Stand Apocalypse
Standard Bearer Apocalypse
Gaea's Might Planeshift
Maggot Carrier Planeshift
Radiant Kavu Planeshift
Aura Shards Invasion
Desperate Research Invasion
Goham Djinn Invasion
Rout Invasion
Sapphire Leech Invasion
Skizzik Invasion
Swamp Invasion
Thicket Elemental Invasion
Tolarian Emissary Invasion
Infernal Genesis Prophecy
Rhystic Syphon Prophecy
Snag Prophecy
Avenger en-Dal Nemesis
Rath's Edge Nemesis
Skyshroud Poacher Nemesis
Barbed Wire Mercadian Masques
Battle Rampart Mercadian Masques
Close Quarters Mercadian Masques
Saprazzan Bailiff Mercadian Masques
Trap Runner Mercadian Masques
Marker Beetles Urza's Destiny
Plated Spider Urza's Destiny
Slinking Skirge Urza's Destiny
Squirming Mass Urza's Destiny
Anthroplasm Urza's Legacy
Bone Shredder Urza's Legacy
Might of Oaks Urza's Legacy
Parch Urza's Legacy
Walking Sponge Urza's Legacy
Angelic Chorus Urza's Saga
Carrion Beetles Urza's Saga
Crazed Skirge Urza's Saga
Fault Line Urza's Saga
Hermetic Study Urza's Saga
Lightning Dragon Urza's Saga
Phyrexian Processor Urza's Saga
Ravenous Skirge Urza's Saga
Skirge Familiar Urza's Saga
Skittering Skirge Urza's Saga
Sporogenesis Urza's Saga
Vebulid Urza's Saga
Yawgmoth's Will Urza's Saga
Crashing Boars Exodus
Cursed Flesh Exodus
Entropic Specter Exodus
Jackalope Herd Exodus
Merfolk Looter Exodus
Mind Maggots Exodus
Plaguebearer Exodus
Change of Heart Stronghold
Fanning the Flames Stronghold
Hornet Cannon Stronghold
Mob Justice Stronghold
Ransack Stronghold
Serpent Warrior Stronghold
Sliver Queen Stronghold
Spined Sliver Stronghold
Volrath's Shapeshifter Stronghold
Diabolic Edict Tempest
Heart Sliver Tempest
Knight of Dawn Tempest
Knight of Dusk Tempest
Renegade Warlord Tempest
Repentance Tempest
Rootwater Diver Tempest
Spinal Graft Tempest
Thakalos Seer Tempest
Vhati il-Dal Tempest
AEther Flash Weatherlight
Cone of Flame Weatherlight
Goblin Bomb Weatherlight
Heavy Ballista Weatherlight
Liege of the Hallows Weatherlight
Serrated Biskelion Weatherlight
Diamond Kaleidoscope Visions
Magma Mine Visions
Spider Climb Visions
Crypt Cobra Mirage
Ersatz Gnomes Mirage
Hammer of Bogardan Mirage
Reflect Damage Mirage
Soul Echo Mirage
Ventifact Bottle Mirage
Yare Mirage
Misfortune Alliances
Pyrokinesis Alliances
Splintering Wind Alliances
Ashen Ghoul Ice Age
Dire Wolves Ice Age
Flow of Maggots Ice Age
Kjeldoran Knight Ice Age
Sibilant Spirit Ice Age
Armor Thrull Fallen Empires
Goblin Grenade Fallen Empires
Necrite Fallen Empires
Order of the Ebon Hand Fallen Empires
Svyelunite Priest Fallen Empires
Thallid Fallen Empires
Thallid Devourer Fallen Empires
Thrull Retainer Fallen Empires
Bog Imp The Dark
Bog Rats The Dark
Goblin Digging Team The Dark
Goblin Shrine The Dark
Marsh Viper The Dark
Miracle Worker The Dark
Savaen Elves The Dark
Scarwood Goblins The Dark
Water Wurm The Dark
Word of Binding The Dark
Bear Cub Portal 2
Norwood Ranger Portal 2
Sylvan Basilisk Portal 2
Trokin High Guard Portal 2
Craven Giant Portal
Endless Cockroaches Portal
Highland Giant Portal
Infernal Spawn of Evil Unglued
Krazy Kow Unglued
Squirrel Farm Unglued
Squirrel Token Unglued

Ron SpencerRon Spencer has worked many jobs over the years. He's pulled shoulder blades out of sides of beef all day, done construction, printed T-shirts, and even worked in a bleach factory. Spencer achieves a distinctive look through an eclectic use of mixed media. He uses everything from colored pencils to ball-point pens, and watercolors to acrylic paint. He has a tendency to feature characters that seem to be missing, for lack of a better word, skin. "That's just my inexperienced knowledge of anatomy rearing its head. I know it's not necessarily how a formally trained artist would do it." Spencer did get a little training at a two-year college in Idaho, although he says what he really learned in school was that in order to succeed, an artist needs to "shut off the TV and stay up until 3 a.m." His inspirations include the vividly photographic style of Richard Corben (a popular sci-fi and fantasy illustrator who often works with Dark Horse Comics) and Swamp Thing illustrator Bernie Wrightson. He also has illustrated for other games, including Legend of the Five Rings, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and the werewolf game Rage. He still lives in Aurora, Nebraska, where he was born, with his wife and five children.

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