Grand Prix Yokohama Artist - Ittoku

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Card Name Card Set
Azami, Lady of Scrolls Champions of Kamigawa
Keiga, the Tide Star Champions of Kamigawa
Soratami Rainshaper Champions of Kamigawa
Student of Elements/
Tobita, Master of Winds
Champions of Kamigawa
Wicked Akuba Champions of Kamigawa
Gemstone Array Fifth Dawn
Into Thin Air Fifth Dawn
Rude Awakening Fifth Dawn
Arcbound Fiend Darksteel
Rebuking Ceremony Darksteel

A renowned Japanese illustrator, Ittoku's first works for Magic appeared in Darksteel. As one of the concept illustrators for the Kamigawa block, he is largely responsible for the unique look and feel of that world. He has also illustrated numerous Duel Masters cards. More of his work can be seen at

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