Fifth Dawn Prerelease in Thailand - Head Judge Report

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Last night, I had the chance to judge the prerelease event of the new set, Fifth Dawn. At this time, my country had split the event into 4 flights with each fight having four rounds. Fortunately, I judged all the flights and was head judge of the last fight.

Like the other prerelease event, there are many questions about the new cards which many players do not quite understand. However, I would like to ask other judge's opinion, too.

There was one question about scry (the new mechanic). The question was “If the target is already gone before the spell resolves, Do I get the scry?” The answer is no because that spell would be countered on resolution. So, there is no scry.

Next, there is interesting case for trainee judge regarding the new masticore. I noticed that this card has something quite different from the classic masticore. The Razormane Masticore has 2 trigger abilities which will trigger different time. So, you must discard a card at the upkeep step and draw in the draw step. Then, select a creature to shoot 3 damages in the draw step. After that, active player may get priority to play spell or ability.

While I was walking around, there is one player who, having already finished his game, asked me about Platinum Angel and Door to Nothingness.

He wanted to know does he still lose the game if he controls Platinum Angel but his opponent uses Door to Nothingness to him. I told him he does not lose the game because of the effect of Platinum Angel. (After I ask with other judge, the best answer is the word “NOT” will win in Magic Rules).

The next problem that I faced when I was walking around was Protection from Artifact. This is a simple problem but many players make mistakes with it. I know every judge knows what Protection from Artifact means and how its work. Anyway, while the tournament was running, I heard that one player had Loxodon Warhammer equipped on a creature with Protection from Artifact and attacked many turns with this creature. The solution for this case should have been to track the life points of both player back and give him a warning. However, if it could not be tracked I regret to say, so the present game continued (but Loxodon Warhammer must unattach and the controller’s receive one warning anyway.) I saw a player play an artifact ability targeting a creature which has Protection from Artifact. I halted the game immediately and let him know he cannot do this. His mistake will result in him losing this game. This is an unacceptable mistake that the most players should understand.

On day 2, I have a question from a player who has already dropped out of the tournament. He wanted to know if the Summoner’s Egg can trigger the creature that has a comes into play trigger ability or not. The answer is depending on many situations. If you have imprinted with a creature card to Summoner’s Egg, when Summoner’s Egg is put in to graveyard from play, that creature will come in to play and will trigger a come into play ability. (Which do not require being played from owner’s hand.)

After one trainee acts as a floor judge, he notices a new card and has a good question. That card name is Endless Whisper.

He has a case in which both player A and B have Nantuko Husk and Player A have Endless Whisper in play. Next, player A plays Phage, of the untouchable and activates the Nantuko Husk to sacrifice Phage. This will cause Endless Whisper to trigger once. Then, player A passes priority to player B and player B passes it back. The Endless Whisper trigger ability will resolve now and cause player B to have the Phage in play. However, Phage will trigger itself because it would not play by his hand. Player B does not want to lose. So, he activates Nantuko Husk to sacrifice Phage back to A. This will cause the infinite loop. So, what is the solution for this problem?

I told that trainee this is called an infinite loop but it does not repeat forever. So, active player have to choose the number. Then, non-active player can determine how loop can stop. (Some trainee concludes this question will end up as draw. However, I told him it’s not draw)

When I became head judge, there is one player who had some problem with the exchange of permanents. He misunderstands Equipment. The situation is he has a creature with equipment but his opponent tries to gain control it by using Avarice Totem. He insists that his opponent cannot take his equipment. Unfortunately, I told him the equipment still attaches with creature when it was exchanged. However, he can move that equipment to equip on his creature next turn because he still controls that equipment.

Next, there is another player who asks me about the combat phase. The sample situation is Player A has a 1/1 creature and Player B has a 2/2 creature. Player A attacks with the 1/1 creature. Of course, Player B decide to block it with his 2/2 creature. After the damage is put on stack, Player A play Wail of Nim with entwine. So, his 1/1 creature will be regenerated and leave the combat phase before the state-base effect can check. He wanted to know if the 1/1 creature which already was removed from combat phase would still receive damage from combat phase or not. The answer is yes. When damage is put on stack, it’ll deal to that creature even if it leaves combat.

Finally, I would like to ask other judges 'if some player has his own cards from outside to swap between game 2 or 3, are there any possible methods to check it?' I was given this question from my friend who never has played in a limited tournament before and I think this question should not be discarded. I do deck checks only at the beginning of game one for each match. Are there any procedures anyone else uses? I would like to hear from you. Feel free to email to me at

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