Worlds 2004 Sponsorship Results

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The following people were selected for sponsorship to World Championships 2004, Sept 1-5, 2004:

Head Judge -- Gijsbert Hoogendijk, Netherlands; Level 4
Scorekeeper -- Jason Howlett, England
Night Sides Manager -- Matt Tabak, USA (NV); Level 3
Day Sides Manager -- Steve Port, USA (WI); Level 2

Full Sponsorship:
Akio Sugaya, Japan; Level 3
Ben Drago, USA (TX); Level 3
Bruno Barracosa, Portugal; Level 3
Collin Jackson, USA (WA); Level 4
Dan Gow, Australia; Level 2
David Vogin, France; Level 3
Federico Calo, Italy; Level 2
Gabor Hegyi, Hungary; Level 2
Graham Hopkins, England; Level 2
Gustavo Montangie, Argentina; Level 3
Ingrid Lind-Jahn, USA (WI); Level 2
Jaap Brouwer, Netherlands; Level 4
Johanna Knuutinen, Finland; Level 2
Justus Roennau, Germany; Level 3
Nicholas Fang, USA (WA); Level 2
Riccardo Tessitori, Italy; Level 3
Scott Lelivelt, USA (IL); Level 2
Sheldon Menery, USA (VA); Level 4
Suzy Life, USA (GA); Level 2
Xu Jiong, China; Level 2
Yu Kanazawa, Japan; Level 2

Room-only Sponsorship:
Jeff Vondruska, USA (OH); Level 2
Joseph DeMattei, USA (CA); Level 2
Mike Goodman, USA (ID); Level 2
Richard Drijvers, Netherlands; Level 2
Seamus Campbell, USA (OR); Level 2
Sinclair Yuen, Singapore; Level 2
Toby Elliott, USA (CA); Level 3

Notified that they are coming on their own:
John Carter, USA (PA); Level 3
John Cooper, USA (MO); Level 2
Jan de Vries, Netherlands; Level 2
Hector Fuentes, Mexico; Level 2
Cody Gates, USA (CA); Level 2
Michael Iachini, USA (CA); Level 1
Michael Iachini, USA (CA); Level 1
Peter Jahn, USA (WI); Level 1
Rizwan Kassim, USA (CA); Level 1
John Liu, USA (CA); Level 1
Paul MacAlpine, USA (CA); Level 1
Ingo Muhs, Germany; Level 3
Matt Schuller, USA (WA); Level 1
Jean-Christophe Stefani, France; Level 2
Paul Thompson, USA (OR); Level 2
Miki Urban, USA (CA); Level 2
Jeroen Vercruysse, Belgium; Level 2

A large number of judges applied for sponsorship, but only a limited amount could be selected based on our budget. If you were not selected, it's not because you weren't qualified, but because we can only accept a small fraction of the applicants.

If you are still planning on attending this event and would like to judge voluntarily to gain more experience, please email DCI Judge Certification at

Some of the criteria that were used to decide which judges were selected include:

Testing – We try to administer judge certification test to an individual and will bring them to an event to take the test. This usually occurs with level 3 candidates, but may also occur with level 4 candidates. We can only test a limited number of candidates, so we can't take everyone who desires too.

Level - We need a certain percentage of judges of each certification level. Level 1 judges are usually not sponsored for Worlds events, but may volunteer in side events. Volunteers should contact rather than simply showing up onsite.

Region - In order to support judging in certain regions of the world, we select judges from those regions to attend a high-level event and gain experience.

Age - Judges under 18 years old will not be selected for liability reasons.

Language - At certain events, we need bilingual judges. All judges must speak English fluently. You have a slightly higher chance of being accepted if you are fluent in a second language that we particularly need for an event.

History - If a judge has performed exceptionally well at previous events, they stand a better chance of being brought to another event. If a candidate has performed poorly, this may negatively affect their chance of being brought to another event.

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