Thank you to the Judging Staff of PT Atlanta

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Additionally: Mike Goodman and Josh Reynolds

Ah! A Team Pro Tour. How many still heard the echo of Collin saying "Draft" days later?

It really doesn't seem like two weeks have passed - so much came out of this event for the program, that we are still processing some of it.

Team events are logistically the hardest events to manage and some of the longest Pro Tour days. The addition of the Leader-Board and more improvements being made you all made a great effort. We held four seminars, tested eight judges for Level 3, took time to work with our colleges at side-events, and still had time for dinner, dragon-highlander, and a judge's only draft.

Congratulations to a number of advancements earned:
Paul Morris, Nicholas Fang, Daniel Wong, and Frank Wareman as Regional Judges.
John Shannon to International Judge and Sheldon Menery as Professional Judge

Thank you for taking the vacations, time away from friends and family, etc... to make Pro Tour Atlanta such a success.

Andrew Heckt - Network Manager
Sheldom Menery - Head Judge

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