Sponsorship for PT LA and DuelMasters Championships

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Firstly, I apologize for the week delay in this - I was on "vacation" (as much as that is possible in summer).

I wish to thank those who took upon themselves partial sponsorships as this allowed us to bring another 6+ judges beyond normal.

We will be rotating judges onto both Pro Tour and DuelMasters. Those with experience with DuelMasters will make up the bulk of the judges for these events, but it is possible and likley that one or two judges without current experience will be placed on these events during the rotation. Information on DuelMasters will be provided to all judges.

Thanks to Becky Dodd too for the forthcoming Localization Judge Packet to aid your travel and experience.

This list is alphabetical by last time within type of sponsorship.

Head Judge:
Pro Tour: Gijsbert Hoogendijk Lvl 5 - Netherlands
DuelMasters 15+: Scott Marshall Lvl 3 - United States, CO
DuelMasters 14-: Dorian Redburn Lvl 3 - United States, PA

Full Sponsorship
John Alderfer Lvl 2 - United States, PA
Henrique Amigo Lvl 2 - Brazil
Mark Brown Lvl 3 - Australia
Adam Cetnerowski Lvl 3 - Poland
Juan Del Compare Lvl 3 - Argentina
Lloyd Dodson Lvl 2 - United States, KS
Toby Elliott Lvl 3 - United States, CA
Michael Feuell Lvl 3 - United States, WA
Yuu Kanazawa Lvl 2 - Japan
Johanna Knuutinen Lvl 3 - Finland
Scott Lelivelt Lvl 3 - United States, IL
Ingrid Lind-Jahn Lvl 3 - United States, WI
Sidney Meilleur Lvl 2 - United States, LA
Tomoya Nakajima Lvl 2 - Japan
Kendall Redburn Lvl 2 - United States, PA
James Searles Lvl 2 - United States, RI
Yoshiya Shindo Lvl 3 - Japan
Jim Shuman Lvl 2 - United States, TX
Riccardo Tessitori Lvl 3 - Italy
David Vogin Lvl 4 - France
Brian Woerth Lvl 2 - United States, IA
Jacky Yang Lvl 3 - Taiwan

Room Sponsorship
Thomas Fowler Lvl 2 - United States, MD
Hector Fuentes Lvl 2 - Mexico, DF
Mike Goodman Lvl 2 - United States, ID
Peter Jahn Lvl 2 - United States, WI
Russell Linnemann Lvl 2 - United States, TN
Cyrille Peuvion Lvl 2 - France
Brian Schenck Lvl 2 - United States, MD
John Shannon Lvl 4 - United States, NM
Lee Sharpe Lvl 3 - United States, IL

Travel-only Sponsorship
Inti Acevedo Lvl 2 - Venezuela
John Carter Lvl 4 - United States, WA
Nicholas Fang Lvl 3 - United States, WA
Christopher Fuller Lvl 2 - United States, GA
Mason Peatross Lvl 2 - United States, TX

Rebecca Dodd Lvl 2 - United States, CA
Michael Ferrara Lvl 1 - United States, GA
Daniel Lee Lvl 1 - United States, CA
Miki Urban Lvl 2 - United States, CA
Philippe Varda Lvl 2 - United States, CA

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