Sponsorship for Worlds 2005

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Worlds is a very international event as the listing below will indicate.
Thanks to the other 2/3rds of the judges who applied to work this extremely long event.

Head judge(s)

Sheldon Menery, L-5 United States :Sponsorship = Full
Collin Jackson, L-5 United States :Sponsorship = Full

Judge staff (alphabetical by last name)

Alfonso Bueno, L-3 Spain :Sponsorship = Full
Wearn Ee Chong, L-3 Malaysia :Sponsorship = Full
Brenton Cumberpatch, L-2 New Zealand :Sponsorship = Full
Rafael Dei Svaldi, L-3 Brazil :Sponsorship = Full
Kevin Desprez, L-2 France :Sponsorship = Full
Cristiana Dionisio, L-2 Italy :Sponsorship = Full
Sung-Dae Eum, L-2 Korea :Sponsorship = Full
Hector Fuentes, L-2 Mexico :Sponsorship = Full
Christian Gawrilowicz, L-2 Austria :Sponsorship = Full
Gabor Hegyi, L-2 Hungary :Sponsorship = Full
Damián Hiller, L-2 Argentina :Sponsorship = Full
Philip Hunn, L-2 Australia :Sponsorship = Room
Jean Baptist Mathieu, L-2 France :Sponsorship = Full
Lee McLain, L-3 United States :Sponsorship = Room
Takeshi Miyasaka, L-3 Japan :Sponsorship = Room
Hedley Price, L-2 South Africa :Sponsorship = Full
Jari Puranen, L-2 Finland :Sponsorship = Room
John Shannon, L-4 United States :Sponsorship = Room
Yoshiya Shindo, L-3 Japan :Sponsorship = Room
Akio Sugaya, L-4 Japan :Sponsorship = Room
Riccardo Tessitori, L-3 Italy :Sponsorship = Full
David Vogin, L-4 France :Sponsorship = Full
Jacky Yang, L-3 Taiwan :Sponsorship = Room
Alex Yatsenko, L-2 Russian Federation :Sponsorship = Full

Two other judges are still be selected by their local offices:
European Office :Sponsorship = Full
Australian Office :Sponsorship = Full

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