Pro Tour Honolulu Judge Application results

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Sponsorship selection is a difficult process and the first exotic one was even harder.
Sorry this took a few weeks (vacation and break interfered too).

Head Judge

John Shannon, United States L4 – Full

North America full sponsorship.

Aaron Atwood, United States L2 -- Full
Brian Woerth, United States L2 -- Full
Collin Jackson, United States L5 -- Full
Jason Ness, Canada L4 -- Full
John Alderfer, United States L3 -- Full
Prakash Madhav, United States L2 -- Full
Toby Elliott, United States L4 -- Full

International full sponsorship

David Vogin, France L4 -- French Office
Diego Fasciolo, Italy L3 -- Int - Full
Falko Goerres, Germany L2 -- Int - Full
Graham Ford, England L2 -- Int - Full
Gustavo Montangie, Argentina L3 -- Int - Full
Jaap Brouwer, Netherlands L5 -- Int - Full
Juan Del Compare, Argentina L3 -- Int - Full
Pip Hunn, Australia L2 -- Int - Full
Stanley Hooi, Singapore L2 -- Int - Full
Sung-Dae Eum, Korea (South) L2 -- Int - Full
Takeshi Miyasaka, Japan L3 -- Int - Full

Room-only sponsorship

Hayden-William Courtland, United States L2 -- Room
Lee Sharpe, United States L3 -- Room
Mark Brown, Australia L3 -- Room
Michael Guptil, United States L5 -- Room
Michael Puccini, Australia L2 -- Room

Travel-only sponsorship

Christopher Fuller, United States L2 -- Travel
Duncan McGregor, Canada L3 -- Travel
Michael King, United States L3 -- Travel
Paul Morris, United States L3 -- Travel
Russell Linnemann, United States L2 -- Travel
Scott Lelivelt, United States L3 -- Travel

Volunteers (so far)

Nicholas Lassen, United States L2 -- Volunteer
Scott Marshall, United States L3 -- Volunteer

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