Judge application results for Pro Tour Prague 2006

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Surprisingly more judges applied for Prague than Honolulu.

If anyone is no longer available, please let me know. If anyone wishes to volunteer, also please let me know.

For those with Full or Travel-only sponsorships you will be contacted by the March 20th with instruction on when to start and how to book your travel. Please respond within 48 hours to the travel service.

Those of you volunteering or room-only the details are below for the venue and hotel.

Sazka Arena-Prague

Hotel Ramada Grand Symphony

We are responsible for all judges at this event; main event and side events. Expect to work at least one full day at side-events and you may be reassigned to different teams or positions at need. Please read Judging Side Events: The myth, by George Michelogiannakis, Level 3.

Jaap Brouwer is Head Judge for this event. He will be in communication with you directly before April 20th with any questions, requests, or requirements he has. David Vogin will shadow Jaap throughout Friday and Saturday – please direct any appeals to the Head Judge and not to David.

Jesper Nielsen and Justus Rönnau will present seminars on Sunday. Topics will be announced later. Not everyone will be able to attend as we have finals and side-events. Additional seminars or small group discussions may occur during the event provided we have time and man-power.

Those of you being tested for level three will be contacted in advance by Jason Ness to fill out a questionnaire and have you provide name and emails of the L3+ judges who you believe can best evaluate you. You will undergo a written test Friday (one or two on Saturday). Should you fail the written it is extremely unlikely you will be promoted unless the follow-up interview finds great fault with the test itself. The follow-up interview will happen regardless of your test score in order to evaluate your readiness.

Judges fill in for other positions as well at the event. Judges perform these roles instead of a random volunteer because it allows me to bring additional judges to the event. Some of these roles may include; crowd control for the Pro Lounge, entering decklists for coverage, setting up tables/chairs/table-clothes, watching over the artist area during their lunch, etc… We will rotate these duties every 2-4 hours if called upon to do them.

All judges will perform whatever tasks are required of them. Judges are expected to review at least one other judge per their own level over the weekend for entry into the Judge Center afterwards.

Level 4+ judges are present to evaluate other judges. They generally will be involved in interview and occasionally observing on the floor or in side-events.

Level 3 judges may be used in interviews. They will be evaluating the floor and sides judges and evaluating their team leads or acting as team leads. They are to be direct mentors.

Level 2 judges will be evaluated on the floor by senior judges. They should avail themselves of the experience around them and ask questions of the judges around them and share experiences.

Level 1 judges will mainly function at side-events but may be rotated into the main event for experience.

First Last Country Level Sponsorship L3 test
Frank Wareman Netherlands 3 Room
David Vogin France 4 Room
Johanna Virtanen Finland 3 Room
Pasi Virtanen Finland 3 Room
Ondrej Valenta Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Riccardo Tessitori Italy 4 Room
TBD TBD Japan TBD Full
Mateusz Szadurski Poland 1 Volunteer
Zdenek Sury Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Luca Simone Italy 2 Room
Yoshiya Shindo Japan 3 Full
John Shannon United States 4 Travel
Philip Schulz Germany 3 Room
Justus Rönnau Germany 3 Full
Jari Puranen Finland 2 Volunteer
Milos Prochazka Czech Republic 2 Volunteer
Hedley Price South Africa 2 Full Yes
Jiri Nitsche Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Jesper Nielsen Denmark 3 Full
Jason Ness Canada 4 Full
Aaron Moshiashwili Israel 2 Full
Sheldon Menery United States 5 Full
Iago Lores Spain 2 Room
Martin Laznovsky Czech Republic 2 Volunteer
Lubos Lauer Czech 3 Volunteer
Michal Kompas Slovak Republic 1 Volunteer
jaroslav karban Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Jan Judas Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Tomas Joska Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Stanley Hooi Singapore 2 Full
Carlos Ho Spain 2 Full Yes
Gabor Hegyi Hungary 2 Room Yes
Vyacheslav Grebenyuk Ukraine 2 Full Yes
Falko Goerres Germany 2 Room Yes
Richard Drijvers Netherlands 2 Full Yes
Cristiana Dionisio Italy 3 Room
Rafael Dei Svaldi Brazil 3 Full
Jan de Vries Netherlands 2 Full
Ryan Dare Australia 2 Full Yes
Philipp Daferner Austria 3 Room
Stefan Conka Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Adam Cetnerowski Poland 3 Full
Jaap Brouwer Netherlands 5 Full
Eugene Bazhenov Russian Federation 2 Volunteer
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