Belated Thanks for PT Honolulu and PT Prague!

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Wow! 2006 has started out with some big shows. We started the year with the "exotic" event in Honolulu with the largest individual Pro Tour (only a few players behind the team event for largest) and we followed that with the largest Last Chance Qualifier at Pro Tour Prague (which exceeded the attendance of PT Honolulu) and then Pro Tour Prague replaced Honolulu as the largest individual event.

Honolulu had special judge shirts designed just for this exotic show. Head Judge John Shannon sports the only "red and black" of its kind. We integrated the entire judging staff (a lesson learned from London) with nearly everyone working a day on the main event and another at side events with the last day spent between seminars, sides, and top 8. Everyone pulled together as one big team.

Prague was a huge staff of 60+ judges and a scheduling challenge for Jaap to try to provide everyone with opportunities and challenges, but he managed to pull it off. Security was extremely tight for the venue with everyone passing through metal detectors and X-ray of bags, but everyone seemed to adjust to it quickly. Side events were crazy busy but controlled by Aaron Moshiashwili had asked to manage the judge staff all weekend and was extremely organized and successful. Richard Drijvers came to the rescue and took charge of the LCQT when train delays prevented the scheduled head judge from arriving. Prague was an immense event and immensely successful.

Congratulations to some advancements to level three from these shows:
Russell Linneman, David Gallien, Ryan Dare, and Richard Drijvers.

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