US Nationals / JSS Championship -- Judge application results.

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This is a large and long event and we thank you all for your desire to make it great event as well.

We will be at the

Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta
Halls C&D

The Staff/Judge Hotel is extremely close to the venue

Renaissance Waverly Hotel- Cobb Galleria

We will start at 8AM Thursday (not Friday) July 27th for the grinders. Some of you will be released after to return for the later events that evening. We will have the judge schedule for Thursday and Friday ready prior to the event for your knowledge.

Mike Guptil is Head Judge of US Nationals. Jason Ness is Head Judge the JSS Championship.
Cari Foreman is scorekeeper US Nationals. Didier Monin is scorekeeper for JSS. Steve Port of Legion Events will be managing side-events. He will have a judge assigned to coordinate judge staff for the events each day. We fully expect to rotate nearly all the judges between the events, so expect to work a day on each event and another at side-events.

Judge dinner is planned for Saturday evening (when the Game of the Year is going). As we must man side-events I’ll be asking for volunteers to stay behind (I’ll bring something extra for these judges) before having to assign judges.

There are 50+ judges attending. Please take time to talk with judges from different areas and learn how things are different elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this show or in coming months I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for input and encourage them to officially make the comments in the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this show ( as you’ll be expected to write reviews after. I encourage you to look over recent articles as well

Those whose applications were accepted are below. Those with Full or Travel sponsorship will be given instructions this week on the process.

Aaron Atwood L2; Full L3 Test
Aaron Cutler L2; Full
Aaron Hamer L2; Full
Aaron Moshiashwili L2; Room
Adam Cetnerowski L3; Travel
Barry Skipp L1; Volunteer
Ben Bowers L1; Volunteer
Brian Woerth L2; Full
Chris Block L1; Volunteer
Chris D'Andrea L2; Full L3 Test
Christopher Fuller L2; Volunteer L3 Test
Christopher Richter L3; Full Recert
Collin Jackson L5; Full
Damian Hiller L2; Full L3 Test
David Vogin L4; Room
Erik Mock L2; Room
Evan Blake L3; Room
Gavin Duggan L2; Travel
George Michelogiannakis L3; Full
Ingrid Lind-Jahn L3; Room
James Repine L2; Room
Jason Ness L4; Full - Head Judge
Jeremy Smith L2; Travel
Jerry Knowles L2; Full
Jim Shuman L2; Travel
John Cooper L2; Full
Karl Lentz L1; Volunteer
Ken Somerville L2; Full
Lee Sharpe L3; Travel
Matt Tabak L3; Full
Michael Feuell L3; Full - staff
Michael Guptil L5; Full - Head Judge
Mike Goodman L2; Full L3 Test
Mitchell Waldbauer L2; Volunteer L3 Test
Nicholas Sabin L2; Room
Nick Allmaker L2; Room
Paul Mac Alpine L2; Full
Paul Morris L3; Room
Peter Jahn L2; Room
Rashad Miller L3; Travel
Raymond Gaieck L2; Full
Russell Linnemann L3; Travel
Scott Lelivelt L3; Volunteer
Seamus Campbell L3; Full
Shawn Doherty L3; Travel
Sheldon Menery L5; Full
Thomas Fowler L2; Full L3 Test
Toby Elliott L4; Full
Todd Ozawa L2; Travel
Trevor Baker L1; Volunteer


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