Judge Worlds 2006 Application Results

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To those who applied and were not accepted, sorry.

If you applied and were accepted but can no longer come, please let me know as others desire to come. If you applied and were not selected, but plan to come as a volunteer, please let me know.

We will have 25 or so judges on the main event each day, 12 more on AM sides, and 12 others on evening sides. The hall is open until 3AM. Each shift at sides will have a team leader to manage the judges. Each judge is likely to experience one day where they work PM sides and either main event or AM sides the following - I apologize for the shortened sleep that period.

Jaap Brouwer is the Head Judge for Worlds and will be scheduling the main event.
Jason Howlett will manage side-events.

Those with Full or Travel sponsorships we will be using several different agents based on your location. Instructions will come from these agents, WotC, or Hasbro. Please complete travel arrangements by September 29th.

Asia Pacific (not Japan) - Dale Aitken at Hasbro Australia Japan - Ron Foster at Wizards of the Coast Latin America - Reid Schmadeka at Wizards of the Coast Europe (South Africa) - Danny Brosens at Hasbro Belgium North America - Cheryl Beck and Andy Heckt via Tracy Mitchell at Hasbro USA

Those with Full or Room sponsorship will receive details from Cheryle Beck on the hotel information closer to the event date. It is assumed you will be assigned a roommate (likely a judge) with arrival on Tuesday and departing on Monday. If you are extending your stay or arriving early please contact her directly if you wish to stay at the same hotel (rate is $250+ / night - I recommend elsewhere) as she will require a credit card.


First Last Country Level Sponsorship
George Trichopoulos Greece 1 Volunteer
Graham Theobalds England 1 Volunteer
jaroslav karban Czech Republic 1 Volunteer
Jorge Alarcón Spain 1 Volunteer
Maciej Grabowski Poland 1 Volunteer
Mateusz Szadurski Poland 1 Volunteer
Mauro Ghibaudo Italy 1 Volunteer
Ortal Raz Israel 1 Volunteer
Richard Powell England 1 Volunteer
Augusto Sanchez Colombia 2 Travel
Carlos Ho Spain 2 Volunteer
Christos Serletis Greece 2 Volunteer
Daniel Kitachewsky France 2 Volunteer
Denis Mikheev Russian Federation 2 Full
Falko Goerres Germany 2 Room
Hans Wang Taiwan 2 Room
Irina Samonova Russian Federation 2 Full
Jan de Vries Netherlands 2 Volunteer
Jean Baptiste Mathieu France 2 Room
Jens Strohaeker Germany 2 Travel
Jeroen Vercruysse Belgium 2 Volunteer
Kacper Chomicz Poland 2 Volunteer
Kestell Laurie South Africa 2 Travel
Kevin Desprez France 2 Room
Krzysztof Banaskiewicz Poland 2 Volunteer
Matthieu Durand France 2 Room
Mauro Bongiovanni Canada 2 Travel
Nick Sephton England 2 Full
Peter Jahn United States 2 Volunteer
Rostislav Reha Czech Republic 2 Volunteer
Simone Zanella Italy 2 Volunteer
Steven Walmsley United States 2 Full
Vyacheslav Grebenyuk Ukraine 2 Full
Yuu Kanazawa Japan 2 Full
David Chapman Scotland 2 Volunteer
Ivan Petkovic Croatia (Hrvatska) 2 Volunteer
Gabor Hegyi Hungary 2 Volunteer
Eugene Bazhenov Russian Federation 2 Volunteer
Adam Cetnerowski Poland 3 Travel
Arnaud Bourdoux Belgium 3 Room
Barthelemy Moulinier France 3 Room
Christopher Fuller United States 3 Travel
Cristiana Dionisio Italy 3 Room
Frank Wareman Netherlands 3 Room
George Michelogiannakis Greece 3 Room
Ingrid Lind-Jahn United States 3 Travel
Johanna Virtanen Finland 3 Room
Juan Del Compare Argentina 3 Full
Lubos Lauer Czech Republic 3 Volunteer
Michael King United States 3 Full
Oliver Bird Ireland 3 Room
Yoshiya Shindo Japan 3 Full
David Vogin France 4 Room
Jason Ness Canada 4 Full
Riccardo Tessitori Italy 4 Room
Toby Elliott United States 4 Full
Jaap Brouwer Netherlands 5 Full
Sheldon Menery United States 5 Full
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