US Nationals / MSS Championship -- Judge application results

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This is a large and long event and we thank you all for your desire to make it great event as well.

We will start at 8AM Thursday (not Friday) July 26th for the grinders. Some of you will be released after to return for the later events that evening. We will have the judge schedule for Thursday and Friday ready prior to the event for your knowledge.

Scott Marshall is Head Judge of US Nationals.
Ingrid Lind-Jahn is Head Judge the MSS Championship.

Steve Port of Legion Events will be managing side-events. We will assign a team-lead position to side events to coordinate judge staff for the events each day. We fully expect to rotate nearly all the judges between the main events and side-events, so expect to work a day on each event and another at side-events.

As we must man side-events during Judge Dinner I'll be asking for volunteers to stay behind before having to assign judges.

There are 50+ judges attending. Please take time to talk with judges from different areas and learn how things are different elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this show or in coming months I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for input and encourage them to officially make the comments in the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this show ( as you'll be expected to write reviews after. I encourage you to look over recent articles as well.

Details on arranging travel and the location of the hotel will follow after April 9th.


Head Judge US Nationals

Scott Marshall United States 4 Full

Head Judge Magic Scholarship Series Championship

Ingrid Lind-Jahn United States 3 Full

First Last Country Level Sponsorship
Michael Guptil United States 5 Full
Sheldon Menery United States 5 Full
Toby Elliott United States 4 Full
John Alderfer United States 3 Room
Seamus Campbell United States 3 Full
Nicholas Fang United States 3 Room
Aaron Hamer United States 3 Full
Damian Hiller Argentina 3 Full
Tony Mayer United States 3 Full
George Michelogiannakis Greece 3 Full
Rashad Miller United States 3 Travel
Christopher Richter United States 3 Full
Brian Schenck United States 3 Room
Eric Shukan United States 3 Room
Trevor Baker United States 2 Volunteer
Brian Bradshaw United States 2 Room
John Cooper United States 2 Volunteer
Peter Cooper United States 2 Volunteer
Aaron Cutler United States 2 Room
Chad Daniel United States 2 Volunteer
Jeff Fischer United States 2 Volunteer
Casey Hogan United States 2 Room
Francisco Iramain United States 2 Volunteer
Peter Jahn United States 2 Room
Jerry Knowles United States 2 Full
Nathan Long United States 2 Full
Martha Lufkin United States 2 Room
Paul Mac Alpine United States 2 Volunteer
Erik Mock United States 2 Full
Jorge Antonio Penailillo Monckeberg Chile 2 Full
Nicholas Sabin United States 2 Room
Adam Shaw United States 2 Room
Eli Shiffrin United States 2 Room
Jim Shuman United States 2 Full
Barry Skip United States 2 Room
Ken Somerville United States 2 Full
Brian Spencer United States 2 Full
Ryan Stapleton United States 2 Volunteer
Paul Thompson United States 2 Travel
B Tucker United States 2 Full
Mitchell Waldbauer United States 2 Volunteer
Michael Wiese Germany 2 Full
Brian Woerth United States 2 Full
Chris Block United States 1 Volunteer
Abe Corson United States 1 Volunteer
Joe Frink United States 1 Volunteer
Michael Suire United States 1 Volunteer
Edward Zinger Greece 1 Volunteer
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