Pro Tour Valencia - Judge application results

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The letter W!e will start at 8AM Friday October 12th. I would appreciate anyone willing to be available for the Last Chance Qualifier on Thursday 3pm to contact me.

Jaap Brouwer is Head Judge for this event.

Additionally David Vogin will lead Side Events and John Shannon will lead Seminars and Interviews

Jason Howlett will be managing side-events. David Vogin will coordinate judge staff for the events each day and assign a head judge for each scheduled event and a lead for the evening. We fully expect to rotate nearly all the judges between the main events and side-events, so expect to work at side-events.

As we must man side-events during Judge Dinner I'll be asking for volunteers to stay behind before having to assign judges.

There are 50+ judges attending. Please take time to talk with judges from different areas and learn how things are different elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this show or in coming months I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for input and encourage them to officially make the comments in the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this show as you'll be expected to write reviews after (upload a photo if you have one of yourself in stripes). I encourage you to look over recent articles as well.

Details on arranging travel and the location of the hotel will follow this week.

If you still wish to volunteer for this event, please let me know so we can include you in the full schedule. We expect to have many worthwhile seminars occurring and time to talk with senior judges about questions or concerns you have on the program.


First Last Sponsorship Country Level
Jaap Brouwer Head Judge The Netherlands 5
Gijsbert Hoogendijk Room The Netherlands 5
David Vogin Room France 4
Riccardo Tessitori Room Italy 4
John Shannon Full (Int) USA (NM) 4
Michael Wiese Room Germany 3
Frank Wareman Room The Netherlands 3
Yoshiya Shindo Full (Int) Japan 3
Nick Sephton Full (UK Office) England 3
Alejandro Raggio Full Argentina 3
Cyrille Peuvion Full (Dom) France 3
JB Mathieu Full (FR Office) France 3
Carlos Ho Room Spain 3
Lindsay Hemings Full (Int) Australia 3
Nick Fang Room USA (WA) 3
Shawn Doherty Travel USA (DE) 3
Cristiana Dionisio Room Italy 3
Kevin Desprez Full (Dom) France 3
Adam Cetnerowski Full (Dom) Poland 3
Alfonso Bueno Room Spain 3
Arnaud Bourdoux Room Belgium 3
B Tucker Travel USA (UT) 2
George Trichopoulos Room Greece 2
Luca Simone Full (Dom) Italy 2
Irina Samonova Full (Dom) Russia 2
Raul Rabionet Full (Dom) Spain 2
Jose Miguel Palma Contreras Full (Int) Chile 2
Jason Lemahieu Full (Int) USA (WI) 2
Jaroslav Karban Room Czech Republic 2
Andrii Gusiev Full (Dom) Ukraine 2
Nicolas Glik Volunteer Spain 2
Glyn Forster Full (Dom) England 2
Mirko Console Room Italy 2
Mauro Bongiovanni Travel Canada 2
Eugene Bazhenov Travel Russia 2
Jorge Alarcón Volunteer Spain 2
Daniel Ahlberg Full (Dom) Sweden 2
Gianluca Tranchedone Volunteer Italy 1
Carlos (Kike) Tomillo Duran Volunteer Spain 1
Zdenek Sury Volunteer Czech Republic 1
Daniel Solé Volunteer Spain 1
Jose Miguel Sanchez Volunteer Spain 1
Rafael Sabitov Volunteer Russia 1
Gonçalo Rodrigues Volunteer Spain 1
Jiri Nitsche Volunteer Czech Republic 1
Carlos Navarrete Volunteer Spain 1
Injo Ji Volunteer Spain 1
Carlos Fernández Vega Volunteer Spain 1
Paul Claes Volunteer Belgium 1
Kepa Arrieta Volunteer Spain 1
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