Worlds 2007 - Judge application results

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The letter W!e will will start at 8AM Thursday December 6th at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York.

Mike Guptil is Head Judge for this event.

Gijsbert Hoogendijk will coordinate Seminars and Collin Jackson will coordinate Interviews.

Steve Port will be managing side-events. We fully expect to rotate nearly all the judges between the main events and side-events, so expect to work at side-events. The venue closes at midnight each night, so priority will be on running timely events. Overnight play will be occurring at Neutral Ground which we are not staffing.

As we must man side-events during Judge Dinner I'll be asking for volunteers to stay behind before having to assign judges.

There are 60+ judges attending. Please take time to talk with judges from different areas and learn how things are different elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this show or in coming months I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for input and encourage them to officially make the comments in the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this show as you'll be expected to write reviews after (upload a photo if you have one of yourself in stripes). I encourage you to look over recent judge articles as well.

I would like to thank the large number of volunteers already, but if you still wish to volunteer for this event, please let me know so we can include you in the full schedule. We expect to have many worthwhile seminars occurring and time to talk with senior judges about questions or concerns you have on the program. I hope to have information from local judge staff about the area and possible affordable restaurants, hotels, and transportation.


First Last Sponsorship Country Level
Gijsbert Hoogendijk Travel The Netherlands 5
Mike Guptil Full (DOM) HJ USA 5
Collin Jackson Full (DOM) USA 5
Riccardo Tessitori Room Italy 4
David Vogin Office - FR France 4
Scott Marshall Full (DOM) USA 4
Duncan McGregor Volunteer Canada 3
Paul Dickenson Volunteer Canada 3
Carlos Ho Volunteer Spain 3
Eric Smith Volunteer USA 3
Aaron Hamer Volunteer USA 3
Gavin Duggan Travel Canada 3
Lubos Lauer Travel Czech Republic 3
John Alderfer Travel USA 3
Ingrid Lind-Jahn Travel USA 3
Philipp Schultz Room Germany 3
Cristiana Dionisio Room Italy 3
Hector Fuentes Room Mexico 3
Mike King Room USA 3
Tony Mayer Room USA 3
Colin Smith Office - UK England 3
Kevin Desprez Office - FR France 3
Falko Goerres Full (INT) Germany 3
Mauro Bongiovanni Volunteer Canada 2
Francois Grobler Volunteer South Africa 2
Andrew Zorowitz Volunteer USA 2
Seth Levy Volunteer USA 2
Trevor Baker Volunteer USA 2
Mike McGee Volunteer USA 2
Nicola DiPasquale Volunteer USA 2
Hayden-William Courtland Volunteer USA 2
Peter Jahn Travel USA 2
Kevin Dolbeare Travel USA 2
Sergio Gonzalez Cruz Room Mexico 2
James Elliott Room USA 2
Jeff Morrow Room USA 2
Tom Fowler Room USA 2
Jeff Fischer Room USA 2
Chris Waits Room USA 2
Adam Shaw Room USA 2
Tom Russell Office - UK Wales 2
Julien Winter Office - FR France 2
Henrique Amigo Full (INT) Brazil 2
Paul Smith Full (INT) England 2
Tomoya Nakajima Full (INT) Japan 2
Eugene Bazhenov Full (INT) Russia 2
Sung-Dae Eum Full (INT) South Korea 2
Nicolas Glik Full (INT) Spain 2
Brian Bradshaw Full (DOM) USA 2
Raymond Gaieck Full (DOM) USA 2
Erik Mock Full (DOM) USA 2
Nicholas Sabin Full (DOM) USA 2
Jared Sylva Full (DOM) USA 2
Rene Rojas Volunteer Columbia 1
Isaak Espinoza Volunteer Costa Rica 1
Mike Noss Volunteer USA 1
Brian Reilly Volunteer USA 1
Justin Nir Volunteer USA 1
Christopher Nguyen Volunteer USA 1
Debi Rivkin Volunteer USA 1
Barry Skipp Volunteer USA 1
E McKenzie Volunteer USA 0
Aaron Rubinstein Volunteer USA 0
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