Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur - Judge application results

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The letter T!oby Elliott is Head Judge for this event.

Please review the details of the application here

Hasbro Australia is coordinating side events at this show. We fully expect to rotate nearly all the judges between the main events and side-events, so expect to work at side-events. The venue closes at 3AM each night. As we must man side-events during Judge Dinner I'll be asking for volunteers to stay behind before having to assign judges.

Please take time to talk with judges from different areas and learn how things are different elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this show or in coming months I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for input and encourage them to officially make the comments in the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this show as you'll be expected to write reviews after (upload a photo if you have one of yourself in stripes). I encourage you to look over recent judge articles as well.


First Last Sponsorship Country Level
Mirko Console INTFULL Italy 2T
Sung-Dae Eum DOMFULL Korea 2T
Jorge Peñailillo Monckeberg INTFULL Chile 2T
Naoaki Umeski DOMFULL Japan 2T
Edwin Zhang INTFULL Canada 2T
Joel Bantiles Volunteer Philippines 1
Glicerio Garcia Volunteer Philippines 1
Yoel Gennedy Volunteer Indonesia 1
Gareth Pyre Volunteer Australia 1
Nathan Brewer DOMFULL Australia 2
Stanley Hooi DOMFULL Singapore 2
Mountain Huang Room Singapore 2
Eckhard Maass Volunteer Germany 2
Marco Maruto Room Indonesia 2
Djonathan Paculio Volunteer Philippines 2
Paul Smith INTFULL England 2
Rob Stuart Travel Australia 2
Zdenek Sury Travel Czech Republic 2
Julien Winter Travel France 2
Wearn Chong Room Malaysia 3
Ryan Dare DOMFULL Australia 3
Juan Del Compare INTFULL Argentina 3
Richard Drijvers INTFULL The Netherlands 3
Ray Fong Volunteer England 3
Hector Fuentes INTFULL Mexico 3
David Gallien INTFULL France 3
Christian Gawrilowicz INTFULL Austria 3
Lindsay Heming DOMFULL Australia 3
Carlos Ho Travel Spain 3
Brian Schenck Room United States 3
Yoshiya Shindo DOMFULL Japan 3
Johanna Virtanen INTFULL Finland 3
Mitchell Waldbauer DOMFULL United States 3
Jacky Yang DOMFULL Taiwan 3
Mark Brown DOMFULL Australia 4
Scott Marshall Travel United States 4
David Vogin INTFULL France 4
Toby Elliott HJ United States 5
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