Level 2 Renewal Test Launched

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The letter A!s many of you have already heard we are redefining what a Level 2 Judges responsibilities and skill-sets are. You can read more about this here. Moving forward Certified Level 2 Judges will be able to test, and certify new Level 1 Judges in their local area. As of today the Level 2 Renewal practice test is live and available for Judges to take. The Online Practice Level 2 Renewal test will only be available for Level 2 Judges to take once during the next six months, and it is highly recommended that every candidate take the practice test before taking the actual Level 2 Renewal test. Also, asking other judges or Level 3+s for help reviewing prior to testing is a fine and wise idea.

There are two parts to the Renewal test, and both are of equal importance. Both of these requirements must be met by the candidate within 6 months of the Renewal test's launch (May 20th, 2008 – November 20th, 2008). Here are the two steps:

  1. The candidate must receive a review in the Judge Center from a Level 3 or higher either from an event or an online interview with the Level 3+. (You can locate and contact Level 3+ by going here

  2. The candidate must also pass the official Online Level 2 Renewal test.

Candidates must pass both of the previously mentioned requirements in order to transition into the new roll of a Level 2. The requirements can be completed in any order. Candidates are also allowed _one_ retake of the Level 2 Renewal online test. If you happen to not pass the test on your first try, you may contact a Level 3+ Judge to have them manually set up a retake test for you. You are only allowed one retake, and it is highly recommended that you take the Practice Level 2 Renewal test, as well as the Easy and Hard Online Practice tests (located here), before taking the actual Level 2 Renewal test:

Level 2 Renewal test checklist:

  • (Recommended) Take the Easy, and Hard practice tests a few times
  • Take the Level 2 practice test (If you scored 75% you will have passed the practice test, but you should review the questions you missed as well as all necessary materials before going on to take the official Level 2 Renewal test)
  • Contact a Level 3+ Judge and arrange either an online interview, or an event review.
  • Take the official Level 2 Renewal test

When you have completed all of the above requirements, congratulations! You are now qualified to carry out the new responsibilities of being a Level 2 DCI certified Judge!

However, if you do not successfully complete the Level 2 Renewal test you may contact a Level 3+ Judge and request that they manually set up a retake of the Level 2 Renewal test for you.

We look forward to this process going smoothly, and I encourage anyone with questions about the process to either ask them through the DCIJUDGE-L mailing list or to contact me directly.

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