U.S. Nationals - Judge application results

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The letter J!ared Sylva is the Head Judge for this event.

Please review the details of the application here

We fully expect to rotate nearly all the Judges between the main events and side-events, so expect to work at side-events. The North American Judge Conference is taking place on Thursday, and we will also be rotating Judges between the Conference and Thursday Grinders.

Please take time to talk with Judges from different areas and learn how things are different elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this show or in coming months I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for input and encourage them to officially make the comments in the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this show as you'll be expected to write reviews after (upload a photo if you have one of yourself in stripes). I encourage you to look over recent judge articles as well.

Bryan Zembruski
Judge Network Manager

First Last Sponsorship Type Country Level
John Aldfer Room U.S. 3
Ben Bowers Travel U.S. 2
Edward Bruenning Volunteer U.S. 1
Bernd Buldt Room U.S. 1
Seamus Campbell Full U.S. 4
Adam Cetnerowski Travel Poland 4
Diane Colley Room U.S. 3
William Colley Room U.S. 2
John Cooper Volunteer U.S. 2
Karen Digi Room U.S. 2
Nicola DiPasquale Full U.S. 2
Toby Elliot Full U.S. 5
James Elliot Volunteer U.S. 2
Riki Hayashi Full U.S. 2
Brian Hellevang Travel U.S. 2
Damien Hiller Full Buenos Aires 3
Casey Hogan Room U.S. 2
Francisco Iramain Full Puerto Rico 2
Jason Lemahieu Room U.S. 3
Ingrid Lind-Jahn Room U.S. 3
Nathan Long Full U.S. 2
Peter Manning Full U.S. 2
Sheldon Menery Full U.S. 5
Raymond Merz Full U.S. 3
George Michelogiannakis Room U.S. 3
Erik Mock Full U.S. 3
David Rappaport Room U.S. 2
Chris Richter Room U.S. 3
Nick Rzeczkowski Volunteer U.S. 2
Nicholas Sabin Full U.S. 2
Brian Schenck Room U.S. 3
Zachary Schmidt Volunteer U.S. 1
Adam Shaw Full U.S. 3
Eric Shukan Full U.S. 3
Jim Shuman Full U.S. 2
Jeremy Smith Full U.S. 2
Ryan Stapleton Room U.S. 2
Michael Suire Full U.S. 2
Jared Sylva Full U.S. 3
Jeff Vondruska Full U.S. 2
Brian Woerth Full U.S. 2
Peter Jahn Room U.S. 2
Michael Zimmerman Volunteer U.S. 1
Steven Zwanger Full U.S. 3
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