Worlds 2008: Judge Application Results

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Hello Judges,

Below are the results of the Pro Tour Berlin applications.

Toby Elliott is the Head Judge for this event.

Please take time to talk with judges at the event from different areas and learn how things are handled elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this event or in coming months, I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for insight and encourage them to input their comments into the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this event (and upload a photo of yourself in stripes). You will be expected to write reviews after the event. I also encourage you to look over recent judge articles.

If you are sponsored as Full or Travel, you should receive information on booking on or before next Wednesday, October 22nd. If you do not, please contact me directly by Friday the 24th.

DCI Judge Coordinator
Wizards of the Coast
Organized Play

Worlds 2008 judges:

First Name Last Name Lvl Received Country
Alexander Bastecki 2 Full US
Bernd Buldt 1 Room US
Brent George 2 Room US
Charles Reinman 2 Full US
Chris Richter 3 Room US
Christopher Nguyen 2 Room US
Cristiana Dionisio 3 Italian Office Italy
Damion Guy 1 Volunteer US
Dan Dziuba 1 Volunteer US
David Rappaport 2 Full US
Debi Rivkin 1 Volunteer US
Diego Fasciolo 3 Italian Office Italy
Doug Montalvo 2 Full US
Ducan McGregor 3 Volunteer Canada
Eric Shukan 3 Full US
Eric Levine 1 Volunteer US
Erik Mock 3 Full US
Falko Goerres 3 Full Germany
Francisco Iramain 2 Full US
Frank Tavern 2 Travel US
Gabor Hegyi 2 Full Hungary
Gavin Duggan 3 Travel Canada
Gustavo Montangie 3 Volunteer Argentina
Ingrid Lind-Jahn 3 Room US
J. Wes Humenczuk 1 Volunteer US
James Elliott 2 Volunteer US
Jason Powell 2 Full US
Jeff Morrow 3 Room US
Jeff Vondruska 3 Room US
Jim Shuman 2 Volunteer US
Joe Frink 1 Volunteer US
Joe Dziuba 0 Volunteer US
John Shannon 3 Room US
John Cooper 2 Volunteer US
Julien Winter 2 French Office France
Justin Hovdenes 2 Room US
Lindsay Heming 3 Full Australia
Lois Jacquet 2 Full France
Louis Lopez 2 Volunteer US
Luca Simone 3 Travel Italy
Marc Rivkin 0 Volunteer US
Martha Lufkin 2 Room US
Mike Zimmerman 2 Room US
Mirko Console 3 Travel Italy
Mitsunori Makino 2 Full Japan
Naoaki Umesaki 3 Full Japan
Nicholas Sabin 2 Full US
Nick Rzeczkowski 2 Room US
Nick Short 2 Room US
Nick Sephton 3 UK Office Great Britain
Nicola DiPasquale 2 Full US
Paul Dickinson 3 Room Canada
Paul Smith 2 UK Office Great Britain
Rashad Miller 3 Travel US
Ray Merz 3 Full US
Riki Hayashi 2 Volunteer US
Ryan Stapleton 2 Full US
Steven Zwanger 3 Full US
Thales Bittencourt 2 Full Brazil
Wesley Terwey 1 Volunteer US
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