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Hello Judges,

At this time, the DCI Judge Program would like to hear from judges interested in working at Pro Tour Kyoto, Japan 2009 (including Public Events or as volunteers). We have a number of sponsorship opportunities for judges at Pro Tour Kyoto held February 27 – March 1, 2009.

We are looking for hardworking judges who would like an opportunity to gain experience working with some of the best players and judges in the world. Working at an event like this is also a great way to gain the experience needed to build skills and advance within the DCI Judge Program. It's also a chance to see other areas of the world and make friends who share your interests. The sponsorship application process is now open and will close Monday, December 22, 2009 for room and travel sponsorships. We will continue to take volunteers after this date though early volunteers are preferred.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship for this event, you must email the DCI Judge Program via John Carter at Please use "PT Kyoto Judge Application" in the subject line.

Sponsorship Requirements:

  • Able to work 7:45AM Thursday until Sunday 10PM.
  • Have up-to-date contact information with the DCI.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older for sponsorship. Under 18 may volunteer.
  • Able to judge long hours with little sleep and few breaks. Days usually include 10 to 12 hours of work.
  • Able to perform physically demanding jobs relating to tournament setup.
  • Fluent enough in English to operate at a Magic tournament.
  • Highly proficient with current Magic rules and current with DCI policies.
  • Willing and able to assist the event staff as required with additional duties which may include registration, folding table cloths, floor maintenance, radio check-in/out, etc...
  • Must be able to respond to emails within 72 hours with regards to travel arrangements and scheduling.
  • Will be required to submit reviews on fellow judges after the event.

What is Expected?

  • You will bring four days worth of judging attire, including a DCI Judge Polo, black pants, and black shoes. Judge shirts will be available onsite while supplies last.
  • You will judge the main event and / or public events Thursday morning through Sunday evening. This will require very long days with minimal breaks. Some schedules may include public events work past midnight.
  • You will prepare for the event thoroughly by reviewing all available rules, policies, and procedures and by responding to the organizers as required within 72 hours.

What is Not Paid For? (This is a partial list of common assumptions.)

  • Meals (Each Judge will receive a small lunch per diem or some but not all food will be provided).
  • Taxi, bus, or train fares, etc.
  • Hotel room incidentals (room service, movies, laundry, etc).
  • Ticket change fees (if you change your ticket, you pay all related fees).

Room Sponsorship Information:

  • You will be sharing a hotel room with at least one other judge.
  • Additional guests including other judges, spouses, friends, volunteers, players, and significant others are not permitted to stay with you.
  • Your hotel will be paid for starting the day before the event until the event is completed. If you wish to stay longer or arrive earlier, you must make these arrangements for yourself.

Judge Testing:

  • There is limited availability to conduct Level 3 judge testing. Judges intending to test, please note this in your application along with the recommending judge mentor's information.

Due to limited time and staff, candidates wishing to be tested may not always be tested.

Important Notes:

  • This is not like a vacation, this is like work. It can be very rewarding and valuable, but it is hard work.
  • If you are not chosen, don't take it personally. More judges apply for spaces than are available, and any given selection is based on event and judge program needs, not personal preferences.

What We Need in Your Application:

  • Your name
  • Your DCI number
  • Sponsorship desired—Full, Room, Travel, or Volunteer
  • Languages you speak fluently or near fluently
  • Any special requirements you have
  • Are you interested in testing for Level 3? (Limited availability)

    If yes, include the name and email of the Level 3+ judge who mentors you. Additionally, you must contact this person and ask them to submit a Level 3 evaluation review via the Judge Center within two weeks of the close date.

Useful Event Information:
Kyoto, Japan
Format: Standard / Draft
February 27 – March 1, 2009

The Tournament Venue and Staff Hotel: Information forthcoming

Please send your sponsorship request to the DCI Judge Program at with "PT Kyoto Judge Application" in the subject.
The deadline to apply is Monday, December 22, 2009.

DCI Judge Coordinator
Organized Play
Wizards of the Coast

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