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If you were reading the coverage of PT Kyoto, you probably saw that the black-and-white as well as the black-and-red striped shirts are being retired from high level service.

Chances are, you have a lot of questions about the shirt and about the policy regarding the shirts.

* What is the new judge shirt?

The basic design is a black, long sleeve, collared button-down made of a light material with gray embroidering. A DCI logo is on the right breast and a pocket is on the left. The left shoulder has a Magic: The Gathering logo on it.

* What does this mean for black-and white striped shirts?

Black-and-white striped shirts will still be recognized as official attire at local and regional events. Judges are encouraged to adopt the new look, but there is no requirement to do so outside of the previously stated events.
Black-and-red striped shirts are officially retired and should not be used at events.

* Is there an equivalent to the black-and-red striped shirts?

There is a burgundy version of the shirt for use specifically for the head judge of Worlds, Pro Tours, Grand Prix, and Nationals as part of their function at those events.

* How did I get the new black shirt?

New judge shirts will be made available at all Grand Prix, Pro Tours, Worlds, and some Nationals on and after 2/27/2009. Like the striped shirt distribution before it, there is an amount of time expected before the new shirts are considered widely available. The shirts are only for certified judges. An uncertified judge may make use of a shirt for an event for sake of a consistent image, but that shirt must be returned at the end of the event. Certified judges at but not working an event may receive a shirt only at the discretion of a DCI representative for that event. The best way to get a shirt is to judge at one of the above mentioned events.

* Why only some Nationals?

There are 67 Nationals slated for 2009. While the major market Nationals should be covered, the current supply is just coming online and low compared to demand. We just plain can't guarantee universal coverage.

* What can I do about the supply and demand?

Early shirt supplies are expected to not be as robust as 2010 distributions. Any judge previously receiving the new shirt should bring their shirt to any further events and let other people get their own. Additionally, judges will be encouraged to wear black undershirts each day of an event so the primary shirt can be successfully reused over a few days without much worry. Each certified judge working a distribution event should receive at least one shirt, subject to availability.

* What about the rest of the judge uniform?

The rest of the judge uniform—black pants, a belt, socks, and dark shoes—remains the same. Like all shirts, the new shirts should be tucked in. Special care is recommended in dealing with the new shirts, especially in regards to ironing.

* How much do the new shirts cost?

Zero dollars. The DCI is successful because of the efforts of its judges. As a sign of appreciation, certified judges will be given their new shirt after working one of the above events.

* What if someone isn't certified?

An uncertified judge working an event may be loaned a shirt so that he or she integrates with the rest of the staff during the event. If that person passes their certification, then the shirt becomes a welcome gift. If that person does not test or fails to certify, then the shirt must be returned.

* What if a certified judge is at one of those events but not working it?

That decision is up to the DCI representative onsite. The likely answer is "no."

* Can I wear the new shirt at my local events?

Absolutely! Well, that is if you are judging the event.

* How long will the new shirt be available?

The DCI looks forward to a long tenure with this new design. While supply is limited as the shirts are initially handed out, we have plans to continue production and distribution for years to come much like when our friend the stripes began their long odyssey.

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