2009 Canadian Nationals Sponsorship Application Results

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Hello Judges,

Below are the results of the Pro Tour Honolulu applications.

John Alderfer is the Head Judge for this event.

Please take time to talk with judges at the event from different areas and learn how things are handled elsewhere. If you are seeking advancement at this event or in coming months, I encourage you to speak to higher-level judges in attendance for insight and encourage them to input their comments into the Judge Center.

Anyone not familiar with the Judge Center should login before this event (and upload a photo of you in stripes). You will be expected to write reviews after the event. I also encourage you to look over recent judge articles.

If you are sponsored as Full or Travel, you should receive information on booking on or before next Wednesday, May 27. If you do not, please contact me directly by Friday, May 29.

DCI Judge Coordinator
Wizards of the Coast
Organized Play

2009 Canadian Nationals judges:

First Last Lvl Country Sponsorhip
William Laycraft 2 Full British Columbia
Robert Johnson 1 Room Ontario
Niko Skartvedt 1 Full British Columbia
Mike King 3 Full Colorado
Max Knowlan 2 Travel British Columbia
Gavin Duggan 3 Travel Alberta
Edwin Zhang 2 Room Ontario
Duncan McGregor 3 Room Ontario
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