Level 1 Judge Requirements

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Level 1s are generally Local judges, who oversee local tournaments, run REL 1 or REL 2 premiere events, or aid in larger premiere tournaments. They usually operate in a metro-area. They are knowledgeable of Magic rules, DCI tournament rules, structures, formats, and are capable of organizing store-level events.

Local Judges are the main envoys to the retail community and work with (sometime for) retailers. Retailers often inquire about local judges and will often have local judges asked to aid them in organizing and running/reporting their tournaments. Many retailer operators employ local judges or become local judges themselves.


  • Judging of at least two events under supervision of a level 3 or higher judge.
  • Brief evaluation interview and test with same level 3 or higher judge demonstrating maturity, diplomacy, communication skills, and work-ethic.
  • Minimum score on judge certification exam with emphasis on current Magic: The Gathering rules, the DCI Penalty Guidelines, and Standard Floor Rules (www.thedci.com).
  • Knowledge of tournament structures with experience as a player in DCI-sanctioned tournaments.
  • Knowledge of Limited (Sealed Deck and Booster Draft) and Constructed formats.
  • Ability to act as judge for small DCI-sanctioned tournaments (8 - 16 players) both limited and constructed.

Retest interval: A candidate who fails may reattempt certification in two months.

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