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We are offering online testing for the position of Rules Advisor. Rules Advisors will be tested almost exclusively on their rules knowledge. Whether you actually judge the event or simply are the person everyone turns to for answers in your casual playgroup, the Rules Advisor test is your goal (with an 85%+ passing score).

Once you have passed you will be granted access to a rules list that DCI Certified Judges use for rules questions, where an expert Certified Judge answers your questions quickly. You may also be directly notified when we are aware of a testing opportunity for DCI Certification that comes to your area. You may also be contacted for participation in events as a tournament official at pre-releases, edge tournament, and local premiere events like; 1Ks, Champs, and for local conventions.

What are Rules Advisors?

You may be one already and simply not be recognized. Are you the person at your local events that everyone asks rules questions of? Are you the person who figures out the cards and what great combinations can be made from them and share these with others?

Rules Advisors seek to be at the top of the ‘rules-game’ and assist others who have questions in casual games or store events that a certified judge is understaffed or unavailable for.

Rules Advisors are not tournament officials (unless they are functioning as such also). They do not issue penalties or make binding rulings to other players in tournaments. Ask the organizer or head judge for permission before involving yourself in rulings at a tournament.

What you need to know

Primarily you’ll need to have read and have an understanding of the game rules. The exam will mainly cover recent mechanics, but may have older mechanisms and card/miniature references as well. Any card/mini referenced has the complete text given.

First step to Certification

Rules Advisor is recommended as a first step for anyone interested in becoming a DCI Certified Judge. A fundamental requirement of being a certified judge is rules knowledge and being a Rules Advisor means you are more likely to be approached and accepted to be staff at tournaments.

In addition you will already be familiar with members of the judge community from your interaction on the rules list. These judges can help you get started with advice on running tournaments of your own.

Finally, if you later seek DCI Judge Certification, you’ll need to understand DCI Universal Tournament Policy and Penalty Guide and the Floor Rules which can be found at

Online Testing

To take the online test you’ll need to login into the Judge Center

If you need or have forgotten your DCI number or password you can get assistance at
If your email with the DCI is old or not on file you’ll need to contact customer service at and click on the ‘email us’ tab. This can take 48 hours.
If you need a DCI# you need to attend a DCI sanctioned event. A list of those is at

Once you are logged-in look for the exam icon or link. Select the ‘create’ tab and from

there the game system and a language selection and then select the “next” button. We strongly suggest you take a few 'practice' tests first, to get accustomed to the interface.

Follow the next few pages until the view-tab opens with a summary of your created test. At the bottom is a link to your test labeled “Take Exam”. Once started you have 60 minutes to complete it (30 for practice), but can return and take a new test if you fail after the waiting interval is complete. The waiting interval increases with each failure so study and take some more practice tests.

Currently the DCI is offering this program for Magic: The Gathering.

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