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Building On A Budget - You-Con-Du-It

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Last week I talked about how one Limited combo translated well into Constructed with the Wall of Blood/Grab the Reins deck. This week I want to talk a little bit about Power Conduit. Those of you who followed my performance in Grand Prix--Kansas City will know that in the second draft I drafted sort of a combo deck involving a pair of Power Conduits, three Myr Prototypes, Lightning Coils, and other cool cards that interact with counters. I got the idea from playing my friend Mike Patnik in a booster draft the previous week, where he bashed me with a 10/10 Duskworker that was receiving counters via Power Conduit and Myr Prototype.

Later on, at State Championships, I spoke with a fellow (sorry but I forget his name now) who had a really cool, toolbox-style deck that included Power Conduit, Decree of Silence, Soul Foundry, and Fabricate for various artifact creatures. While it wasn't a tier one deck by any means, it certainly caught my eye as a cool Rogue creation and I sat with him and talked about the deck for a while. This week's deck is loosely based on that deck.

The primary function of the deck is to get a Decree of Silence out with a Power Conduit in play. The way Decree of Silence works, it counters a spell and then gets a depletion counter. When it has three counters, you sacrifice the card. The trick is to pull the depletion counters off of the Decree with the Power Conduit and put them elsewhere. If you read the Conduit carefully, you'll notice that it can take any type of counters, but it can only convert them to +1/+1 or charge counters.

Building on a Budget - You-Con-Du-It

The main reason I added green to the deck is because of a discussion I had with Mike Turian about the deck, wondering if I missed any good mana acceleration for Decree of Silence. Out of some corner of his mind he came up with Viridian Joiner. I'm not sure why it popped into his head at that point, but it made a lot of sense. And, not only does green get you Viridian Joiner, but it also allows you two other quality mana accelerators--Vine Trellis and Elvish Aberration.

The Joiner is a very good recipient for +1/+1 counters, since it'll help you accelerate out the Decree much faster. You may be asking yourself where these counters are coming from so early in the game, and the answer is: Serum Tank. Serum Tank generates many more counters than you might expect--especially with eight artifact lands in the deck.

For example, imagine the following scenario: Turn 2 you play a Power Conduit. Turn 3 you play a Joiner. Turn 4 you play a Serum Tank, move the counter over to the Joiner, and play a Myr or a Vine Trellis. On turn 5 you have 8 mana and are ready to play Decree of Silence. This means you effectively win the game on turn 5, unless your opponent is able to win with what she already has on the board. That's where cards like Aether Spellbomb, Triskelion, Pentavus, and Riptide Replicator come in handy.

The Fabricate portion of the deck remained somewhat intact (it's a way to reduce the cost of the deck). It gives you lots of options without needing four copies of the more expensive artifacts in your deck. Riptide Replicator is usually the best one to get, as you can usually generate lots of mana and can move charge counters onto it with the Conduit, making ever-bigger tokens.

Tips On Playing The Deck

  • Remember that you can also move counters off your Joiner and back onto your Serum Tank. This might be useful if you're digging for a card.

  • Don't forget that you can cycle Decree of Silence to counter something. You should try to avoid this as Decree is your lock, but it is good to keep in mind.

  • Aether Spellbomb is spot removal after you have a Decree down. Save them if possible. It can also be useful to Spellbomb your Triskelion to generate more counters.

  • When you play Riptide Replicator, always name Pentavite--you never know hen you might need to suck those guys back into the mothership. Actually, it's kinda cool to put Pentavites back on the Pentavus, and then move the counters to the Replicator with the Conduit, then pop out a bigger Pentavite. Just think of the possibilities!

  • Remember, you can Fabricate for a Tree of Tales or Seat of the Synod.

Adding More Money To The Deck

The first card I would suggest adding is City of Brass and then probably Glimmervoid to help fix the mana. After that I would go with some more interesting artifacts to Fabricate for. Oblivion Stone seems like a very good target--reset buttons always come in handy for green-blue decks. Having Soul Foundry with Clockwork Dragon, Pentavus, and Triskelion is always fun.

While it doesn't really cost much more, you could add Quicksilver Fountain to the deck to mess with your opponent's mana. Just take those flood counters and pop them on your creatures! And, if you're looking for an anti-Wrath card, try Lightning Coils! Power Conduit just creates so many interesting possibilities.

Until next time, may your counters not get blown away!

Nate Heiss
Team CMU
NateHeiss on Magic Online

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