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Building On A Budget - Holiday Bosh

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It is that time of year again...bells are ringing on the streets, people are swarming to the malls, and families are getting together. The holiday season never ceases to amaze me. People who are down on their chips can still turn around and give a brief smile of hope for mankind and the coming year. We take time to look back and reflect on the year, making our own little naughty/nice lists. No matter which variation of celebration you may perform, one thing is certain: With the time off of work, you're probably going to play Magic.

Face it, holidays are times of happiness and families, and Magic games can help with at least one (both if you're lucky). If you want to play Magic and still stick with those holiday feelings, this week's deck is for you. This deck is dedicated to the holiday theme, and was made as Christmas-oriented as possible.

Building on a Budget - Throwing A Holiday Bosh

Does it surprise? Does it amaze? What better Christmas gift could I offer besides a deck full of Gnomes, Eggs, and the Urzatron? (Merry Christmas Forsythes!) The main goal of this deck is to throw a great holiday Bosh, preferably at your opponent's nugget. This deck is great for just blowing off some steam. It even has a decent shot of winning...but the most amazing thing about it is that every single card in it is holiday themed.

Here's the rundown:

This deck starts by putting a bunch of mana-filter artifacts into play and drawing cards while trying to stall the ground with Gnomes, sometimes killing some creatures with a Slice and Dice or a Shower of Coals. The next goal is to cast Trash for Treasure, getting back a Mindslaver or Bosh and hoping that it's good enough to win you the game. You can also cast Bosh and Mindslaver a lot when you get the Urzatron into play. The deck is fairly straightforward and is a "Bosh" to play!

Tips On Playing The Deck

  • Use your mana filters wisely. Lots of times it's best to sacrifice them to draw more cards, digging for Trash for Treasure or some other way to put Bosh or Mindslaver into play.

  • If possible, wait to use your Scrying until you have drawn two out of the three Urza lands. However, it's not worth missing a land-drop to wait.

  • Don't be afraid to sacrifice your Pyrite Spellbomb to draw a card.

  • Make sure to tap your opponent out when you Mindslaver him, he won't take mana burn, but it's generally a good idea.

Adding More Money To The Deck

It's the holidays so, instead of making this deck better, I recommend giving it to charity. It'll make you feel better and it will make the Bottle Gnomes very happy. Besides, theme decks are supposed to be fun, not dominating!

I wish all Magic players and their families a very happy and safe holiday season and a happy new year.

Nate Heiss
Team CMU
NateHeiss on Magic Online

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