Ask Wizards: 9/18/2012

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Ask Wizards is a weekly feature that allows you to ask us questions! If you'd like to submit your question please email it to We aren't able to answer every question we receive but if your question is good then it might show up in the coming weeks!


Q: Can I get Vraska in the Golgari Guild Prerelease Pack at the Return to Ravnica Prerelease?


A: From Trick Jarrett, Editor-in-Chief

Choosing Golgari at your prerelease will not enhance your chances of getting Vraska. You can still get a mythic rare in your guild prerelease pack but it is the leader for that guild. Otherwise it will be a rare in the guild's colors (though possibly not guild affiliated.)

Come back on Monday when we have Tim Willoughby with the Prerelease Primer for Return to Ravnica to find out more about this set’s prerelease!

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