Ask Wizards: 10/23/2012

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Q: Why wasn't Trostani, Selesnya's Voice the wallpaper for Selesnya week?

A: Monty Ashley, Magic: The Gathering Web Producer

Good question! As you might remember, the wallpaper during Selesnya week was actually Sphinx of the Chimes, which is a great piece, but not particularly Selesnyan.

There are really two questions to answer here. For the first, "Shouldn't theme weeks have a wallpaper that matches the theme?" the answer is clearly yes. Next week is Azorius Week and the wallpaper will be Azorius.

But the other question, which is basically "Hey, how come there aren't wallpapers for the guild leaders?" has a more interesting answer. Because there are! You just don't know where they live.

In, there's a quiz to see what guild you are. But there are also pages about each guild. And if you go into, say, the Selesnya page, you'll find the words "Download the Selesnya Fan Kit."

And that? That's a 33MB ZIP file with 220 images. It's got extremely high resolution art files. It's got PNGs of each aspect of the Selesnya texture. It's got logos. And it's got wallpapers for Common Bond; Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage; and, yes, Trostani, Selesnya's Voice. And the other nine guilds also have fan kits! So if you're just looking for wallpapers (especially if you're interested in Guildmages and Guild Leaders), you should know that there are thirty of them waiting for you in

And yes, some of those wallpapers are from Gatecrash.

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