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Ask Wizards is a weekly feature that allows you to ask us questions! If you'd like to submit your question please email it to We aren't able to answer every question we receive but if your question is good then it might show up in the coming weeks!

 Q: I was playing a Cube draft with some friends last night and cobbled together a pretty good UR draw/burn deck. My friend cast Unburial Rites and I tried to counter it with the Odds side of Odds // Ends. When I flipped the coin, it bounced off our dice box and landed on its edge. Everyone freaked out. What happens? —Sam  

A: Trick Jarrett, Editor-in-Chief & DailyMTGCast Host

According to the card Odds, there are only actions if it is clearly heads or clearly tails; as your flip was neither I suppose one could argue that your spell does nothing and thus resolves. But that is most definitely not the intent. Our goal is that you will only ever get heads or tails, thus you should re-flip.

If, though, your coin lands on its edge again... you might want to retire from coin flipping and investigate other binary solutions for coin-flip scenarios.

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