Decks of the Week: 12/6/2013

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The letter T!he office was closed last Friday so we didn't get to share in the excitement here at Decks of the Week of Owen Turtenwald winning his second GP in a row! Congratulations, Owen! Although Owen tried for a three-peat last weekend in Toronto, Ari Lax had other plans, and drafted his way to victory in Canada's largest-ever Grand Prix. At the same time, across the Atlantic, Polish player Marcin Staciwa piloted Mono-Blue Devotion to victory at Grand Prix Vienna. Congratulations Ari and Marcin for your victories! The Grand Prix in Toronto and Vienna mark the end of the Pro Tour Born of the Gods qualifier season, but worry not! PTQs start up for Pro Tour Journey into Nyx this weekend, so find one near you with this handy link! Good luck; have fun!

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