Decks of the Week: 3/19/2009

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The letter L!ast week Decks of the Week highlighted the recent Grand Prix–Chicago; this week, we look to Grand Prix–Hanover! Lino Burgold took the top prize for the Extended event playing Elves. The lil' green tribe has been somewhat quiet on the PTQ circuit for Honolulu this season after storming Pro Tour–Berlin, but Lino didn't let that stop him from taking the title. You can read more about Grand Prix–Hanover in the official event coverage. (And make sure to check out the Top 8 deck lists below...)

The weekend warriors continue their solemn march to Pro Tour Qualifier victory! This week we have ten more locales to bring you results from, including two from Japan. Are the decks winning in Boston the same as the ones in Chicago or Wichita? Read on to find out. Of course, if you're looking for a PTQ for Honolulu near you, check out the official PTQ schedule.

Magic Online brings us a special treat this week. In addition to the latest in Premier Event Top 8 deck lists from Extended, Classic, Shards of Alara Block Constructed, and Standard, we also get another peek into the world of Singleton! You won't want to miss reading about what decks made the Top 8 in that unique circumstance. And of course, finding out what the new big threats are in all your favorite digital formats.


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