Wizards Asks: 7/26/2011

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What's your favorite new card in Magic 2012, and why?

Ken Nagle: My favorite new card in Magic 2012 is Primordial Hydra. As a fan of green, fatties, and Hydras in general (Hydra Omnivore being my second newest addition), when I was on the M12 design team I was looking for an upgrade to the flavorful but tame Protean Hydra from core sets past. I was not going to let this opportunity slip!

The trample ability proved too over-the-top in our Future Future League, so it was scaled back to a "semi-trample" ability suggested by Mark Gottlieb. Upon hitting 8/8 it was weaker, but still lethal a turn later.

While we want Magic cards to be flavorful in the Protean Hydra vein, we also need iconic fantasy creature types to be powerful enough that players choose to play with them regularly. It gives Magic the key fantasy feel that entices passersby looking on to stop and check it out.

What's your favorite new card inMagic 2012, and why? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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