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The letter D!o you have questions about Magic? We here at Wizards want to answer them! Send us your questions about design, development, art, the website, and anything else about Magic, and if we get enough interesting ones, we'll post our answers in an upcoming feature article.

You can submit your questions here, using the "Respond via Email" link below, or on our Twitter feed (@dailymtg).

So what makes a good Ask Wizards question? Here are some guidelines:

  • Keep it civil. While we take your negative feedback about the game as seriously as your positive feedback, it's hard to write a civil, satisfying answer to an uncivil question.
  • Keep it short. We generally quote questions in their entirety, so a ten-paragraph magnum opus is less likely to get an answer than a simple question.
  • Keep it specific. General questions about process and philosophy usually either have already been discussed on our website or are too big to be addressed in a few short paragraphs.

Thanks, and we look forward to your questions!

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