Mana Maze: The Puzzling

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The letter Y!esterday, we looked at Mana Maze Solitaire, a solitaire variant of Magic developed by Mark Rosewater in 1995. Today, we have a puzzle based on those rules!

Remember, the rules of Mana Maze Solitaire are based on the rules of Magic in 1995, which means that mana burn is a thing that will kill you. Here we go! Take it away, 1995 Mark Rosewater!

Your opponent Having some time on your hands, you've decided to play a game of Mana Maze, a Magic solitaire variant. You've chosen to use a sixty-four card deck with an 8x8 open-hand layout. You start the game with one life point and you've made it your goal to destroy the Leviathan. Good luck!

Mana Flare Dark Heart of the Wood Exorcist Leviathan Blue Mana Battery Volcanic Island Psionic Entity Apprentice Wizard
Serra Angel Divine Offering Mana Vault Raging River Psionic Blast Black Lotus Banshee Tundra
Shatter Gaea's Touch Desert Craw Giant Plains Bayou Desert Twister Xenic Poltergeist
Grizzly Bears Celestial Prism Elves of Deep Shadow Fire Sprites Dark Ritual Al-abara's Carpet Sol Ring Coal Golem
Twiddle Llanowar Elves Mana Matrix Paralyze Su-Chi Taiga Fissure Mox Sapphire
Psychic Purge Bronze Horse Tranquility Stone Calendar Dingus Egg Ashes to Ashes Lightning Bolt Crumble
City of Brass Mountain Sisters of the Flame Healing Salve Island Badlands Conversion Princess Lucrezia
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Birds of Paradise Prodigal Sorcerer Frost Giant Air Elemental Red Elemental Blast Unsummon Lifetap

(Start at this side)

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