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A few weeks ago we announced who would be representing the community in the 2012 Community Cup. Today we announce what the formats are and what the stakes will be.


  • Return to Ravnica Sealed
  • Cube Draft - With a cube list yet to be announced!
  • Ravnica Unified Constructed – This is a constructed format using cards from the original Ravnica block (Ravnica, Guildpact, Dissension) and Return to Ravnica
  • Multiball Wacky Draft – This will not be part of the central events, it is a side event of sorts. It is a zany draft format where drafters are required to follow specific rules as defined by our friends over at LoadingReadyRun. More will be shared about these down the road.

All matches will be played using the new Magic Online client currently in Wide Beta!

The Stakes

If the Community Team wins, all players who log in to Magic Online during the Community Cup (between the downtime on Wednesday October 24 and Friday October 26 at 5:00 PM PT) will get one entry into a draft queue. What draft queue? You decide!

 What format would you want as your draft queue:  
Return to Ravnica
Magic Online Cube Draft
Invasion Block
Magic 2013
Innistrad Block + Avacyn Restored

Note that the last option: Innistrad Block + Avacyn Restored is a never-before offered Magic Online draft format!

Whatever format wins, if the community team wins, that queue will be available for a week roughly a month after the Community Cup ends. The event will be a Phantom single-elimination draft queue, rather than a standard prize structure, every player will get a promo Mwonvuli Beast Tracker and the winner of each queue will get a Return to Ravnica booster pack!

We'll tally the votes Monday morning, October 15, and announce the winning format along with the Wizards team that will be playing against the Community Team next week!

But... what if the Community Team loses? What if they are defeated and the streak is broken? They'll get a special 2012 Community Cup version of Sorrow's Path in a modern frame.

No pressure Community Team, but you had better figure out how to deliver!

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