Magic Coloring Contest: Employee Division

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The letter I!t's time to revisit the Magic Coloring Book! After the coloring contest at PAX was such a success, we decided to have one internally here at Wizards of the Coast!

There were three categories: Best Jace, Best Nicol Bolas, and Most Creative. Because there are a number of people here with actual artistic talent, I tried for the "Most Creative" prize. See what you think:

Instead of using crayons, I scanned in the sheet and then did some nonsense with Photoshop. No, I did not win. But here's what did!

Best Jace

Yes, that's a watercolor. Here's a close-up so you can see the work!

Best Nicol Bolas

The glittery parts aren't just glitter. They're glittery thread that has been sewn into the paper!

Most Creative

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