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The letter D!uels of the Planeswalkers 2013, the digital incarnation of Magic: The Gathering is available on XBox Live, PS3, Steam, and iPad. All of these platforms are getting a Deck Pack with two new decks for you to play in the campaign and in multiplayer!

This deck pack has already begun releasing around the world, so check for it on your favorite platform!

Act of War

The horns sound. To war! With the red and white “Act of War” deck, your heroes will cut a path to the enemy’s door. If they stumble, cast tide-turning spells to light their way!

Unlockable Cards

  1. Balefire Liege
  2. Lightning Helix
  3. Scourge of the Noblis
  4. Skyknight Legionnaire
  5. Bull Ceredon
  6. Rise of the Hobgoblins
  7. Spitemare
  8. Basandra, Battle Seraph
  9. Fire at Will
  10. Intimidation Bolt
  11. Breath of Life
  12. Glory of Warfare
  13. Sunblast Angel
  14. Aggravated Assault
  15. Assault Strobe
  16. Balefire Dragon
  17. Lightning Serpent
  18. Mentor of the Meek
  19. Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran
  20. Lightning Helix
  21. Breath of Life
  22. Rise of the Hobgoblins
  23. Assault Strobe
  24. Brightflame
  25. Bull Ceredon
  26. Fire at Will
  27. Scouge of the Nobilis
  28. Nobilis of War
  29. Rally the Righteous
  30. Storm Herd

Sky and Scale

Hold your ground and rule the skies with this green and blue deck. “Sky and Scale” starts slow and steady but wins by summoning titanic flying creatures to end your foes’ hopes.

Unlockable Cards

  1. Murkfiend Liege
  2. Lorescale Coatl
  3. Regrowth
  4. Mitotic Slime
  5. Fable of Wolf and Owl
  6. AEther Mutation
  7. Jhessian Infiltrator
  8. Gigantomancer
  9. Omnibian
  10. Selkie Hedge-Mage
  11. Acidic Slime
  12. Biomantic Mastery
  13. Snakeform
  14. Draining Whelk
  15. Yavimaya's Embrace
  16. Momir Vig, Simic Visionary
  17. Lorescale Coatl
  18. Acidic Slime
  19. Mitotic Slime
  20. Overbeing of Myth
  21. Quest for the Gemblades
  22. Fable of Wolf and Owl
  23. Jhessian Infiltrator
  24. Simic Sky Swallower
  25. Mystic Snake
  26. Selkie Hedge-Mage
  27. Omnibian
  28. Multani, Maro-Sorcerer
  29. Vedalken Heretic
  30. Sower of Temptation
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